I think I have a problem

I openly admitted in this post a few weeks ago to buying more canning jars (after telling myself I wouldn’t.) I don’t have any guilty twinges or twangs about that purchase. I know I can use them (eventually, when we get rain and get out of this drought cycle!) Even without a nice producing garden this year I always seem to find endless uses for canning jars.

When I am not using canning jars for canning and preserving, here are some examples of how I use canning jars. As I think about it, in the literal sense of the word, preserving can mean so many different things. So I guess I will say I am using my canning cars for “preserving.”

I used canning jars and other glass jars for storing herbs in the post I did a few days ago about Making Italian Spices.

Italian Spice mixture

I have used a canning jar when I made mustard. You can read about that adventure here.

"preserving" mustard

But I am avoiding my little “problem” by going on and on about all the wonderful ways you can use your canning jars (totally justifying my purchase). I am sure you know about the “oddity in nature” when there is something you really want, let’s say for example, a salad spinner, but you don’t want to pay for one at the retail price. When ever you go into a thrift store, you look and look for a nice, well made salad spinner. Then one day, almost out of no where, ta-da, the shining light from above (I don’t mean the fluorescent light from the store ceiling) shines down on a lovely OXO salad spinner – BAM – you grab it off the shelf so fast you create a breeze round you that almost blows over any other shoppers that might be standing nearby! A few weeks later you are back in a thrift store and BAM – another OXO salad spinner is presenting itself to you (and only you) under that shining light from above (again.)

Well, do you remember the nice old sink I found recently at the estate sale?

My new sink!

I had been looking and looking for a nice one, and there it was. Wonderful.

Then that “oddity in nature” happened again (I know there is a term for it, I just don’t know what it is). I was driving down the road heading into our small town and there was a house having a yard sale. I have been to their sales before, always finding some old and cool to some home with. There is was, that shining light from above, casting a beautiful glow on an old sink. My heart skipped a beat. I walked over to the sink, everything around me happening in slow motion. It was beautiful, dust and all. All the while having a conversation with myself that I already found the sink of my dream… I didn’t need another one… it would be expensive so that would make it easy to just “look” at it… the closer I got, the conversations changed to things like, I’m sure I could find a place for it…. if the price is right, I could buy it…

ahhh...another garden sink!

The price tag said $20. I did a double take, I thought it was a mistake. Maybe it really said $120…NO it was $20. I bought it. They helped me load it, this one being much more manageable than the first sink. I was even able to unload it on my own. My husband is out of town, so I text a photo to him that just said, “look, another sink!” When he called and said “it looks like you bought another sink” I just played dumb and said “what sink? why would I buy another sink?” all he did was laugh. For most people, it would be kind of hard to hide a 5′ sink laying in the middle of the back yard, but my husband isn’t home much during daylight hours, so it would not be that hard to me to do (if I had to!)  ha

I have no intention of hiding either of these sinks. I am in love with them and I was to see them when ever I am outside.

So, like I said in the title of this post, “I think I have a problem.” The problem being, I already found the nice garden sink, why the heck did I buy a second one? I certainly don’t even need one garden sink right now (let alone two garden sinks), there are no vegetable growing in the garden to rinse off and with the drought we are in, I don’t see any this fall either.  My answer, for now at least is, “Everyone can use an extra good garden sink! Right?”

Sincerely, Emily

P.S. I have to tell you, when I as in Minnesota last month, I when to a thrift store and dropped off a whole trunk load of things that my mom was getting rid of. I wandered into to the store after making my drop and BAM, that darn (but wonderful) shining light from above presented a beautiful OXO salad spinner. This one was a newer model then the two I have at my house in Texas and a tiny thought went through my head wondering if that would fit in my suitcase to take home. NO NO NO. But my brother needed one and home it when with me and I passed it onto my brother (he was thrilled I might add)

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10 Responses to I think I have a problem

  1. Dani says:

    LOLOL any chance you have OCD tendencies? I’m like you – I cannot pass up a bargain, especially if I think I could use it…

    Maybe use one of them as a herb planter?

    • Hi Dani – oh yes, I definitely have some OCD tendencies. There was a time when I couldn’t pass a bargain, no matter what it was (usually food related). No I hardly buy anything, that is why I don’t get too down on myself when I come home with a bunch of canning jars or even a second sink. I like the idea of planting herbs in it and in pots around and on it. It will be interesting (even to me) how this develops. I know it won’t happen quickly, but it will happen eventually!

  2. Joanna says:

    I would love to have space for a garden sink, in fact I would love to have a second sink somewhere. only yesterday I said to OH that if we move I want a scullery and a verandah. he thinks I should have a separate kitchen for baking !

    anyway Emily, I really enjoyed reading this, I used to have a similar relationship with eBay. I think your way is better! Xx Joanna

    • I like the idea of all three – scullery, verandah and even a 2nd kitchen. You have to have some sort of list of expectations when looking at new homes – right?! I would love a cellar and a 4 or 5 car garage! Not just for car, but other “things.”

  3. Sherri says:

    SWOON over your sinks!!!!!!!!!! I would LOVE to have a garden sink and it’s on our list of things to make next year – a fancy schmancy “wash house” for all the produce – so I’m not hunched over the ground hosing everything off wasting water. GREAT post!

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