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Halloween Cards

I almost forgot to put a post together on the Halloween Cards I made. I made these cards back in July and forgot about them until a few days ago. I better get them in the mail! Here are two … Continue reading

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Blooming right now: Esperanza or Yellow Bells (tecoma stans)

The Esperanza puts on a spectacular show when they bloom. Esperanza blooms from spring to fall here in South Texas. You will mostly see them with yellow blooms, but there is also a beautiful orange/peach shade also. You can find … Continue reading

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2nd Scarf Finished

I am just moving right along. At this rate I will make my goal of three finished scarves in no time at all. If you remember, I abandoned my second scarf. So this scarf is technically the 3rd one, but … Continue reading

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Blooming right now: Texas Sage or Cenizo (leucophyllum frutescens)

Since we had a splash of rain a few weeks ago, there are some beautiful things blooming out there.  It is so amazing what a little rain will do and how happy the plants are. This young Texas Sage self-started … Continue reading

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Snoopy relaxing a bit

Snoopy is one of our neighbors cats. Sincerely, Emily

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Blooming right now: Hyacinth Bean vine (Dolichos lablab)

This year my hyacinth Bean Vine has grown very slowly and isn’t as full and lush as it has been the past two years. But it is growing, and that is something to be said since this summer has been … Continue reading

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Lavender Soap

I have been making soap for a few years now. I must say…it is addicting. We do not buy any bar soap anymore, we just use what I make. This is the latest batch of soap that I made. Lavender. … Continue reading

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Stuffed Peppers

I will admit that I don’t particularly like green bell peppers. I should clarify that statement. I like eating them, I just don’t like burping up their flavor afterwards over and over (sorry, probably too much information there.) With that … Continue reading

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Making Panjacks (pancake flapjack) or is it Flapcake?

Panjack! That was a typo as I was writing up this post and I decided I liked it. Panjacks!     I like Flapcake too. They both just work! We don’t have pancakes very often, but I have kept my eyes open … Continue reading

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Butterfly Weed

Butterfly weed. Whether it is asclepias currassavica or asclepia tuberosa it is beautiful. From what I can tell, asclepia tuberosa is a native, hardy perennial to North America while from the same family, asclepia currassavica is a native to South … Continue reading

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