Blooming right now: Eggplant

Cooler evenings and a little rain have made the eggplants in my garden very happy. Now, what will make me happy is when I see them drooping with actually eggplants, ready to pick and grill!

Eggplant flowering

I don’t see a lot of bees or other pollinators out there like I did a few months ago, so I am crossing my fingers. These plants were stared from seed in March and have managed to survive the summer in the garden, but haven’t produced any eggplants yet. They should start kicking into gear now (I hope!) I had one store bought eggplant plant that produced a few small eggplants earlier, but that one did not survive the heat of the summer.

they have such beautiful flowers

The seeds are Florida High Bush from Seed Savers Exchange. I had also started some Rosa Bianca, and have one that has survived and barely pulled through the summer and is starting to leaf out again. I am not sure it will produce anything, but I will watch and wait to see how it does.

Sincerely, Emily

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4 Responses to Blooming right now: Eggplant

  1. Dani says:

    Emily – they look very healthy. Here’s hoping they heed their actual function and your requirements and start producing 🙂

  2. Jane says:

    Hopefully you get an abundant crop! My eggplants did terrible this year. I had one nursery plant that made 2 eggplant and the ones I started from seed made……zero! So maybe the eggplant luck is your way this year 🙂

    • Hi Jane, that is terrible. I hope mine can hang on a grow a bit longer. There are freezing temps in our forecast in the next few days. I see a quick something MacGyver-like to cover them to see if they can hang on a bit long…for what though? maybe one eggplant, not sure. They still have a lot of flowers on them.

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