Oh Deer!

Ring ring ring

“Hello,” I said

“Hey, guess what the deers favorite plant is in the back yard.” (my husband is chuckling)


“What do you think it is?” (again, still chuckling and stifling laughter)


“I was in and out of there a dozen times yesterday and I guess I didn’t get the gate closed. So, what do you think their favorite plant it? (hardly suppressing the laughter anymore)

“OK OK OK, let me think… Peach tree, pear tree” (I am not laughing at all by the way!)

“OH, I didn’t even look at those, hold on…Yup, they ate those too, but their favorite was lily pads.”

“OH GEEZ, at least the lily pads will grow back.

“You should have seen it. I was driving up the street and I could see a single file line of deer slowly walking up our driveway. When I got to the driveway I realized they were going through the gate, one by one.” (chuckle)

“Did you get a photo?” (sign of a blogger I think)

“No, I was too busy thinking about how I was going to get them all out of the back yard. That’s not easy by the way. Have you ever herded deer?”

“Yes I have, the last time someone left the gate open”

A very sad peach tree

Unfortunately, I do not think this peach tree is going to make it.  You can see where the deer really striped away the bark. Not a good sign.

A very sad pear tree

They left a little tuft of leaves at the top of the pear tree. The pear tree will turn 2 years old this coming January. I think it can pull through this trauma. We still have warm days ahead of us and it may even put out some new leaves.

This was Rock Rose

I had a post all ready to go showing you the beautiful blooming Rock Rose in my yard. Not so pretty now. It must have been pretty tasty. It will survive.

This was a nice looking comfrey plant

The comfrey was looking very happy in its spot before the deer munched on it. They hit all five plants, all in different places throughout the back yard. Keep in mind there were several deer doing all this munching (around 15 when my husband got home)

This was flat leaf parsley

Flat leaf parsley, that will grow back. They certainly enjoyed all six plants, but they didn’t touch the candlestick plants right next to the parsley.

Completely uprooted purslane

The deer got a little over excited about the purslane, completely uprooting this one. Purslane has a shallow root system, so I can understand with one little tug and it would come up quite easily. I had recently transplanted about 15 purslane into my herb and flower gardens because I wanted to be able to have more of this to eat.  I know purslane reproduces from seed, so I only hope that it did some of that and I will have more next spring. I know it will come back in some areas where I already had it established, so I will just work again at transplanting it again when it grows. I put this uprooted purslane back in the ground.

They got a little rough with the lambs quarters

The list goes on and on. Many of the plants will survive. Some may not. The interesting part is that I can easily count the things that they didn’t touch:

  • Thyme
  • Oregano
  • Candlestick Plant
  • Chive
  • Mexican Bush Salvia
  • Flame Acanthus
  • Oleander
  • Butterfly Weed
  • Thryallis
  • Garlic
  • Sage
  • Salvia Gregii

Other than the list above they taste-tested every other plant or just down right ATE it.

Oh Deer!

Sincerely, Emily

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11 Responses to Oh Deer!

  1. Christine says:

    Now I understand about the high fences! Your post does make good reading but I can understand how you must be feeling. We have a similar problem with a brush turkey who rakes any vegetation, green as well as dry onto his mound at the bottom of our garden. 15 deer, well that is beyond belief. I’m pleased that you can see the funny side. I hope eveything grows back for you.

    • I found out last night the total deer back there were around 20+. I think the only thing I lost is the one peach tree, and that is a set back. I plan to re-plant another one. This is one of those things I have to try to laugh at or it would drive me crazy. It has been a hard growing season already, this is just a little blip in the big picture I guess. I don’t have the turkeys here to get into things. My parents had a tough time with them up in MN in their garden this year. First time they have had a problem.

  2. Jane says:

    So Sorry. Oh what a year you have had. But I think that would be hysterical to see a single file line of deer wandering in to the salad bar.

  3. Grannie M says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I haven’t had problems with deer, they have plenty of open space, woodlands, and creek areas around me and my dog keeps many things out of my yard. My biggest destroyer is usually my own chickens who will scratch plants completely out with or without roots. The good side with that though is they do scratch up the earth and scatter seeds so I have good luck with plants reseeding.

    • Hi Grannie M – thanks for stopping by. I would LOVE to have chickens, but our HOA says NO to chickens. I hear they can run down a garden in a few minutes if you let them (that’s a good things if it is the end of the season, they will do the clean up work). Most of the things that the deer ate in our backyard will grow back. One peach tree will need to be replaced, so that is another year of set back. grrr.

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