A cherry tomato surprise

On my recent trip I went to visit and help a friend in Burlingame, CA. I was there for eight days and we were busy busy busy.

When I travel I always notice the plants growing in that area. Some of them are the same as where I live, some are new to me and others I have seen and know about, but aren’t able to grow where I am living. In one place I might see something growing more robustly and larger then they grow in my area, in other places it might not get as big or large as it does where I live. It is neat to see those differences and similarities where ever I go.

My friend picked me up at the airport and when we drove into the driveway at her apartment I quickly noticed that the garage area was lined in cherry tomato plants. The bushes looked incredibly healthy and full of fruit. They are planted in a small very narrow stripe of ground that runs along two sides of the garage area. What a beautiful sight!

Cherry tomatoes growing

These cherry tomatoes where so juicy and sweet. Some of them where red cherries, others were golden yellow cherries. They were a wonderful treat since I had a terrible spring garden with very little to harvest. Every time we left the aprtment I was over there picking and eating with a smile on my face. Every time we came home, I was over there picking and eating and filling my shirt tails with tomatoes to bring inside for part of our meal (or several meals.)

Bugs Bunny is keeping his eye on a few

I was respectful and didn’t touch Bugs Bunny’s stash. He certainly was a good watch bunny!

A few lone cherries

As you continue up the driveway towards the street there are 3 avocado trees planted. For being planted in such a small strip of dirt they sure looked like happy trees. There were several avocados on the trees. What a nice treat they will be.

A few avocado trees

It was certainly refreshing to see some edible things planted amongst these city apartments.

Sincerely, Emily

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5 Responses to A cherry tomato surprise

  1. Joanna says:

    It is so heartening to see food plants growing in the cities. you are so right! nothing beats freshly picked tomatoes. i have never seen avocados growing !

    • I was so happy to see it too. They taste so good in everything we ate. The avocado trees were so smushed in there and it was nice to see them healthy and actually have fruit on them. The avocados were hard to see – dark green in the dark green shaded trees.

  2. Christine says:

    What a great use of space!

  3. zonnah says:

    Ditto what Christine said 🙂

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