Keep the vampires away – Plant garlic

About a month ago I planted most of my garlic.Ā  This past spring when I harvested the garlic I had it all nicely labeled and grouped according to types. Then when it came time to bring it inside, I was in a hurry because of some weather (if I remember correctly.) It all sat on the screen porch drying in one big group.

Kurt's Garlic

There was some garlic growing in one of the flower garden when we moved in. I call it “Kurt’s Garlic” because Kurt was the man that built our house and I know he originally planted this garlic. His garlic has little babies on each bulb. When I pull it up in the spring. I just put those babies back in the group as I pull the garlic and they come back each year. This year I planted some of the cloves from Kurt’s garlic to increase my garlic harvest and to see if the bulbs would be larger if grown from a proper sized clove instead of just the little babies.

Harvested the remaining garlic

I had also planted some new garlic this past spring. Wish I could find the name of it. I bought it in St. Paul, MN when I was home visiting my mom. I know I have the name of it written down somewhere – just not in the garden journal where it should be. That garlic had a wonderful peppery taste at first bite, then calmed to a nice garlic flavor. I know in my mixed up garlic cloves that I replanted some of that. I guess each clove will be a surprise when I cook with it from now on.

I did find some elephant garlic in the grocery store. Boy are those cloves big! It was not organic, but it was from the US so I thought I would give that a try. When I was in California a few weeks ago I found some organic US grown garlic, so I brought that home and it is out there planted already too.

The garlic is up!

I will try to do a better job at keeping my garlic straight this coming spring. It would be nice to know what I was planting to be able to watch them each develop and be able to see if one is outshining the other in production and size and flavor.

With all this garlic, I do find I am using it a lot more in my cooking than I have in years past. I still have enough to make it through the next 6 months before the next harvest, so that is one things I have succeeded at this year.

With the lack of water and our hot temperatures. Garlic has been a winning crop.

No vampires in my house!

Sincerely, Emily

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7 Responses to Keep the vampires away – Plant garlic

  1. I love garlic! I can only imagine how potent and beautiful this one must be. Haven’t seen you around my space. Do drop by to see my first ever dessert recipe.

    • WHMC – Thanks for stopping by again. I am thrilled to say all the garlic is up now. I have visited & enjoyed your blog & commented on “Dumpling Ground” – I love those flavor combinations – they make me drool a bit just thinking about them.

  2. I love gardens and I love what you do here! Inspiring šŸ˜€ You should keep coming. I’m going to follow your blog now šŸ˜€

  3. Joanna says:

    We get very mixed results with our garlic growing and this year was not the best, though we have such a tiny garden that if something doesn’t work too well we have to think long and hard about whether we repeat it. This year some of our garlic had a fluffy white mould and I think it is time to take a rest from growing it. We are lucky in that there are more and more garlic growers in the UK, a huge farm in the Isle of Wight grows lots of varieties and the french onion seller who comes to the local market brings his beautiful pink and purple varieties from the North of France which is not as far away as China ! Keep growing! xx Joanna

  4. zonnah says:

    I love garlic and use it every day. I doubled what I planted last year because it was not enough.

    • I hope your garlic grows well this year. I definitely increased the amount I planted this year. Same with onions. I planted 2x as many. Hoping they will be bigger and better this season. I find I am using a lot of onions in all my cooking. I have also started drying chives and some of the bunching onions as I pull them. It is so dry here that I am just cutting them up and air drying them right now.

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