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Dark Days Meal: Week 5

I have had a fresh ham in my freezer for a few months and I have just picked up 1/8 side of beef so our freezer is splitting at the seams right now (and I still have half of a … Continue reading

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Cookie Exchange: Part III

On the Wednesday morning of the cookie exchange  I felt pretty good about how things were going. I had half of my 12 dozen cookies finished and bagged, I just needed to make another 6 dozen and I would be … Continue reading

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Dark Days Challenge for the South Region: Week 4

Another great week during this Dark Days Challenge. It is fun to see what everyone is cooking up and the variety of ways to prepare different things. Some of the participants are getting ideas from recipes that they read and … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Sincerely, Emily

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A walk down memory lane…

I am taking a little walk down memory lane over at Not Dabbling in Normal today. Sincerely, Emily

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Dark Days Challenge: Cookie Exchange Part II

As part of the Dark Days Challenge, I thought it would be nice to depart from the norm and switch gears into baking while still keeping in mind using SOLE (sustainable, organic, local and ethical) ingredients. Not all of my … Continue reading

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Cookie Exchange: Part 1

I think you will only find one post so far where I have cooked up a sweet treat, even then it was at my mom’s house in Minnesota. I guess you could count the Pumpkin Bread and the Zucchini Bread, … Continue reading

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