WHAT! 20F this morning

Our handy little indoor weather station told me that it was 20F outside this morning. That’s cold!

This bird bath told me it was cold too (photo at 11am)

I was shocked to see how thick the ice was on the top of one of the water gardens. The ice was at least 1/2″ thick and this was at 11am.

Water garden ice

Sincerely, Emily

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6 Responses to WHAT! 20F this morning

  1. Jane says:

    Crazy! Just crazy. I have a friend in Arkansas, and she has had more snow that us up here in the north. What is up with this year?

  2. Joanna says:

    Global Warming will lead to more extreme and more variable weather we are told by the experts. It sounds like your winter arrived all of a sudden! 🙂

    • These cold winter temp certainly arrived earlier than last year. This is out 4th winter here and each seems to have some colder weather than the last. Just as the summers seem to be getting hotter. It is hard for me to judge since I haven’t been here long enough to see any cycles. I just know it has been darn cold for over a week with a pile of laundry that is increasingly getting larger and no days with clear enough weather to hang it to dry. I see a Chinese Laundry day in the near future w/clothes hung all round the house! I do test the system and hang the laundry out on days there is a chance of rain – hoping it will rain. I think I will do that today! We still need a lot of rain.

  3. zonnah says:

    Wow, it really did get cold. The lowest it has been here is in the low 30’s.

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