Day 2 and 3: Disney World – Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle - Magic Kingdom

Back to my Thanksgiving weekend travels… After spending a day at Universal Studios, the next two days were spent at Disney World. I have been there before, but back in the late 70’s just after Space Mountain had opened up there. I remember that ride! That visit was a LONG time ago, but my brother and I have a few memories from it.

One of my mom’s memories is the ride called “It’s a Small World.” What she remembers is that we wanted to go on it over and over and over. I remember her mentioning it a few years ago and how she thought the song that played all throughout the ride was going to drive her crazy (because we went on the ride many many times.) Of course my brother and I were all smiles and having a great time. I must admit, that song did go through my head for several days after being there Thanksgiving weekend. In case you have forgotten the tune, you can click here to see the lyrics, so it can be playing in your head now too…

Holiday Gingerbread Tree - Contemporary Resort

We had dinner at one of the restaurants in the Contemporary Resort one night – the monorail goes right through this resort. While walking through the Contemporary Resort, I spotted their Holiday Gingerbread Tree.

Holiday Gingerbread Tree Ingredients

How’s that for a list of ingredients. Impressive. Too bad we didn’t get to nibble on it!

Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc

We had two full days of packed Magic Kingdom. Not many photos though, we were just go go go, onto the next ride or show. We did catch a little Christmas show on one of the stages (can’t remember which stage though). It was a little Christmas show that also had Buzz Lightyear (from the movie Toy Story) and Stitch (from Stitch’s Great Escape) We went on the tea cup ride, watched the city parade, managed to find a few things to eat. It was highly recommended (by a few friends who have recently been to Disney) that we make at least one reservation for lunch. We called several weeks prior to going there and there was only one choice at that time – the Plaza Restaurant. It was a fun place – very art nouveau from the Victorian era.

From our family trip in the 70’s, I had memories of The Haunted Mansion, so it was fun to go through that again. My nieces enjoyed walking through the cemetery as we waited in line for the ride portion but I think one of them closed her eyes through the entire ride.

It was a fun-filled, packed two days. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, The Hall of Presidents, Liberty Square Riverboat, Swiss Family Treehouse – the list goes on and on.

We finished the weekend off by watching the Main Street Electric Parade and the Wishes Nightime Spectacular fireworks over the Cinderella Castle the last night we were there.

What a weekend.

Sincerely, Emily

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2 Responses to Day 2 and 3: Disney World – Magic Kingdom

  1. Victoria says:

    Looks like fun! We took the fam to Disneyland right before Halloween…the pumpkins were quite inspiring, I can only imagine the christmas ideas percolating in your mind!

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