Scarf #4, #5, #6, #7, etc

I have been seriously knitting and crocheting since my last post about finishing scarf #3.

I have talked about how I learned about the 2012 Special Olympic Scarf project in past scarf posts.  Since Texas is very behind in the number of scarves that they need I mentioned at the November Culinary SIG meeting that I would bring a USPS Priority box to our next get together and if anyone wanted to bring their finished scarves I would mail them in. As of December 21st, Texas has received 395 scarves out of the 3010 that they need. In December I mailed 11 scarves from our Culinary SIG group.

After chatting with one of the ladies who has been crocheting her scarves, I realized that although my knit scarves are nice, they are taking me way too long to finish so I went home and started crocheting my scarves. Once I worked out my own simple pattern to do I was amazed at how fast I could finish a scarf. I was flying through them. However, I am now paying the price. The tendonitis in my right hand and wrist is so bad that I can’t do a thing, so I am back to wearing my wrist brace and doing everything with my left hand for now. I am accustom to using my right and left hands at many things. My left-handed knife skills aren’t that great though, so I am taking time to get a little better at that during this period.

Not to compete, but the Herb SIG I am involved in also wanted to pool their finished scarves and some of the ladies wanted to learn to knit or crochet and others wanted to just bring their projects to work on during our December meeting. Again I brought a USPS Priority box and it is over flowing. The post office was out of the large size box over the holidays so I finally was able to pick one up last week and the box is packed and ready to send this week. There are 11 scarves to be sent from the Herb SIG.

January 30th is the deadline for our scarves to be receive in Texas (each state has a different deadline – look here to see a list of states.) We are all going to bring more finished scarves to the San Antonio Herb Society meeting in January so we can get another box sent off before the deadline.

I am taking a break from knitting and crocheting right now until I get some relief from the pain. Since the knitting never did bother my wrist and hand like crocheting did, I will stick to knitting the rest of my scarves, when I feel better, even though it takes longer.

You can read about Scarf #1, Scarf #2 and Scarf #3.

Sincerely, Emily

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6 Responses to Scarf #4, #5, #6, #7, etc

  1. zonnah says:

    Wow, you guys have been busy!

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