Dark Days Challenge Recap for South Region: Week 6

The South Region is still going strong into the 6th week of the Dark Days Challenge.

Head over to Not Dabbling in Normal to read see what the West Group has been making this week and see what the East Recap Leaders cooked this week for their DDC meals in a companion post. I posted about my individual meal a few days ago, you can read about it here.

The South Region is made of with participants from Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Caroline and Georgia. Be sure to visit their individual blogs to see more details on the individual meals and their local resources.

Annie (MD) from AnnieRie Unplugged made a meal that is both local and beautiful. Ham from Christmas, stuffed squash, tomatoes with goat cheese and last, but not least, roasted romanesco cauliflower.  Stuffing her butternut squash with honeycrisp apples, black walnuts, honey and butter, that seems to be a meal in itself. Then she roasted some beautiful romanecso cauliflower and has appropriately named this her meal “The Christmas Tree Dinner.” A salad made with local hydroponic tomatoes and goat cheese and finished off the meal with her favorite local chardonnay. Truly a meal to remember. She has added more to her “local resource” page, so go check it out.

Susan (VA) from Backyard Grocery was inspired by Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and made Root Beer Braised Venison French Dips with Potatoes Chips.  What a creative way to get some addition flavors into your meat. When drinking beer, her “beer” of choice is root beer. Susan sacrificed some of that locally made root beer to make her meal. Her meal looks wonderful complete with some locally grown home made potato chips on the side.

Susan (VA) also created a New Year’s appetizer by recycling her left-over root beer au jus and her venison and created Root Beer Onion Tarts with Venison. I happen to LOVE caramelized onions, but Susan added a new depth of flavor to hers by caramelizing them in her left over root beer au jus. Using her venison from her above DDC meal, she mixed it with fromage blanc and spooned it into spelt muffin cups. After topping it with her onions, into the oven to cook. Head over to her blog to see wonderfully detailed recipes for both her meals.

Victoria (MD) at The Soffritto presented a Spanish Tortilla. Husband Josh is the one to cook “all things breakfast” at their house, so now we know there are two talented people in that house. This Spanish Tortilla is made up so few ingredients, Yet it is a meal to remember and it is a simple answer to a local meal. Eggs, potatoes, shallots, potatoes, and thyme. Check out Victoria’s blog for a well presents step-by-step of how to make this simple and wonderful meal.

Jasmine (VA) from 40 Shades of Green baked a beautiful meal – Buffalo & Barley stuffed Acorn Squash. She is lucky to have many local resources in her area. To stuff her acorn squash, Jasmine used a combination of ground buffalo, barley, onion, celeriac root, garlic, tomatoes, and grated cheese. Definitely a great warming meal for the dark days of winter. Visit her blog to see more and learn about the local resources in her area.

Liz (VA) from Family Foodie Survival Guide is getting back on track after the holiday and has cooked up a nice local meal. Her leek & potato soup was a dream after using her new immersion blend she received for Christmas. With roasted green beans and radishes as well as some cooked red cabbage on the side she covered both a “Meatless Monday” and a local meat all rolled into one. Stop by her blog to read more.

Rebecca (VA) from Eating Floyd is in the midst of her deep spring cleaning (in the middle of the winter) so she decided to pull some cabbage rolls out of the freezer that she made this past fall. Adding her cabbage rolls & homemade tomato sauce, she could keep cleaning thanks to the help of her trusty vintage crock pot.  She also made no-knead rolls and a side salad to go with her meal. Go check out her post to learn about how to make cabbage rolls or learn about the salt herbs she added to the rolls.

Jackie (NC) at Southern Friend Goodness was ready to slow down after the holidays and prepare a simple meal. Roasted chicken, grilled fennel, sweet potatoes and a beautiful side salad made for a great meal. She has a long list of local resources around her. I was drooling to read about the fresh cucumbers and tomatoes in January that come from a greenhouse less than 20 miles from her house! Stop by her blog to read more about her meal.

Jessica (SC) from Eat.Drink.Nourish. made a Smoked Rib Rack with Red Potatoes and Cabbage Hash. While Jessica was running around doing her New Year’s spring cleaning, her husband was prepping and grilling some fantastic looking ribs. With a hash made from red potatoes, cabbage and onion along side those fantastic looking ribs I would say there were no left-overs that night. Head over to Jessica’s blog to learn more and see where her ingredients came from.

Jes (VA) from Eating Appalachia made a simple and wonderful Collard Greens Casserole. This looks like a great casserole for a main dish or a side dish. I like the look of it in the small single serving ramekins. Even though she used collards in her dish, she also mentions different variations for making this – spinach, mustard, turnip – any green you have on hand. My mind automatically goes to my chard! Great dish Jes! Go check it out.

There seems to be a few themes here this week – simple meals after a holiday of indulgence and busy schedules.  “Spring Cleaning” popped up a few times also (at least with two of the participants from the South Group – Rebecca and Jessica!) I must admit I have been in a “cleaning” mood too. I have already taken one load to the thrift store and hopefully I can keep motivated to continue.

I am continually getting inspiration from the meals prepared by the South Region.

Where do you find your are getting your inspiration from?


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2 Responses to Dark Days Challenge Recap for South Region: Week 6

  1. Victoria says:

    Everything looks delish. We are quite the creative group 😉

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