Stir Crazy Cats

When the weather gets cold for long periods or we have more than one rainy day in a row Kivuli tends to get very stir crazy. He has always spent most of his time (daytime) outside and just can’t stand being locked up in the house. In his younger days he would never come in the house day or night until he got hungry or my husband came home. He knew that if it was early evening he would get shut in for the night and he really didn’t like that one bit.

A few weeks ago when we had several rainy days in a row Kivuli got very stir crazy. He isn’t one to normally shy away from the rain. In his younger days he would just go out in the rain and find a sheltered place to hang out for the day and watch his domain. He is now 14 years old and the rain doesn’t thrill him as much and after it had rained several days the ground was complete mud. There were a few days he went out in the rain and mud but after that he decided he had had enough. He only went out in the morning out of habit mostly ( and to do his business I imagine) and that was it. We do have indoor litter boxes so it isn’t like he is crossing his legs hoping to make it until morning, he just really doesn’t like using the litter box. He is an outdoor boy all the way.

So what does he do when he is stir crazy? Many things. We know he is bored and frustrated when he started “killing” his rugs. He has had one rug his entire life. It is a wool rug we got in Kenya around the same time we got him. He attacks his rugs and “kills” them leaving them all disrupted and in balls.

He also goes around the living room digging under the cushions in the furniture. We will find all the back cushions of the couch either on the floor or laying all disrupted.

He will also go around the house opening the doors on end tables, night stands, cupboard doors. Anything he can open and investigate. He is just bored.

We also play. I can’t touch him most of the time, but I can play with him. We have a rug in the office that is his. He will run and slide on it just like a little kid. Then he will kill it. I will dangle string  and he will grab it and hang on for dear life while continuing to kill his rug. Other times he will grab the string and run around the house and eventually come back to slide to stop on the office rug. He also likes sparkle balls. When he was a kitten and we were living in Kenya a friend of ours sent a sparkle ball to us. Boy did he LOVE that thing. He played fetch with it and would always bring them back for more throwing. Now I just throw it towards him, he catches it and kills it, and then propels it off in another direction. I fetch it and start over (yes I am doing the fetching now, not him.) He does have me trained well. I know it is better for me to play and get some of his pent up energy out of him or can get get a bit destructive.

You can read about Kivuli’s rug killing here. You can read about his fish here.

More adventures with Kivuli to come.

Sincerely, Emily

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7 Responses to Stir Crazy Cats

  1. Christine says:

    I know what you mean about crazy cats! My cat likes to dig behind the lounge cushions or goes to sleep on top of them as well as trying to dig the dining chairs which does not impress us! Maybe it is a male thing? The female spends her whole life sleeping and only occasionally plays. Bailey, the male also chases balls but brings them back as well, most of the time. He rebounds off the walls and would make a great soccer player.
    Your cat has an interesting name, is it from Kenya?

    • Christine – You cats sound just like mine – each with its own completely different personality. Kivuli definitely literally bounded off the walls when he was a youngster. When we moved to Kenya I left behind a wonderful cat named Shadow. He didn’t mind car rides and traveled well and adjusted well when we took him to the cabin, etc so my mom and my brother took turns having him. When we decided to get a cat in Kenya we asked what the the Swahili word for “Shadow” was. There really isn’t one. “Kivuli” is the closet thing, roughly translated to “the thing on the ground that you make” sort of.

  2. Jane says:

    Oh my, I know just how Kivuli feels. I hate being inside these winter months. And I do have a carpet that I would love to burn. Huh, maybe we are related 😉

    • We are getting some light rain today. I imagine he will go out in it this afternoon if it isn’t coming down too hard. That means muddy feet on the bed and cat beds – oh well. As long as he isn’t bouncing off the walls I am fine with muddy Kivuli feet.

  3. zonnah says:

    Too cute! I love cats

  4. J. Searcy says:

    Emily, we feel your pain here in SC – we are going on day 4 now of poor (rainy) weather and my Lucy-girl (8yr old pound puppy) and 3 yr old son who normally spend several hours outdoors per day are also bouncing off the walls….Lucy is 50lbs and my little man is 45lbs so when they bounce the whole house shakes, literally. I guess I should count my blessings for this mild winter, but at least if it was snow we could get outside and play in it. Best, Jessica

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