Dark Days Meal: Week 7 – Ribeye Steak and Salad

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I picked up a 1/8 portion of a cow from the rancher where I get our beef and pork. We have been eating a lot of beef and vegetarian meals lately, but for the Dark Days Challenge meal this week it was time to have a nice steak, so I pulled out a packet of rib-eye steaks to thaw for our dinner earlier this week. (it might be ribeye or rib-eye or rib eye – don’t know)

It was pretty late when my husband gt home so I decided I would pan fry the steak instead of grilling it outside. I rubbed the steaks down with crushed garlic and olive oil and fried them adding more oil as I needed it.

I deglazed the pan with more olive oil and spooned it over the steaks on our plates.

We enjoyed a huge side salad of freshly picked lettuce from the garden (finally) and lambsquarter (also called pig weed or goosefoot) foraged from my neighbors yard. It is so nice to be eating fresh salad with every meal now that the lettuce has started to mature. I stagger planted a few of the beds so we will be over flowing in lettuce quite soon. I will have more than we can eat and I will be sharing it with friends. Last year we were eating lettuce in November. I don’t know what took the lettuce so long to mature, but I am glad it finally did.

The salad dressing I made is one that I make most of the time: olive oil, vinegar, stone ground mustard and pepper. In this batch I used white wine vinegar, but sometimes I use rice wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar. You read another post I did on salad dressing here.

The steak was so tender. It is amazingly wonderful that local grass fed beef does taste.

There were two large steaks in the packet I thawed, so the next might we had a “Deja Vu” meal (what I call left-overs sometimes.) the second night I put the plate in front of my husband and say, “Deja Vu!”

  • Ribeye Steak – Bandera Grassland – 70 miles
  • Garlic – from my garden
  • Olive Oil – Texas Olive Ranch – 143 miles
  • Lettuce – from my garden
  • lambsquarters – from my neighbors yard

Non-local ingredients

  • Vinegar
  • Mustard (although I did make it)
  • Pepper in the salad dressing

Sincerely, Emily

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10 Responses to Dark Days Meal: Week 7 – Ribeye Steak and Salad

  1. Victoria says:

    I have freezer envy! Tell me more about Texas Olive Oil….I didn’t think we had any olive oil producers outside of CA!

    • Hi Victoria – I can’t tell you much, other than we have 3 olive orchards/ranches outside of San Antonio. Texas Olive Ranch, Shady Oaks and Bella Vista Farms. I have them listed on my local resource page and you can click the link to do directly to each of their websites. I have not visited any of the orchards yet (on my list to do.) I found one of them at an olive festival in town and started looking around and found the other two. I have considered planting an olive tree since they seem to grow well here. When we lived in Palm Springs we were surrounded by olive trees and I really wanted to cure olives – just never got around to it.

  2. Jes says:

    What a beautiful meal! I can’t wait to buy a freezer so we can go in on portions of pigs & cows (lots of options up here, just no space to store yet). The salad looks so green & fresh too!

    • Thanks Jes. It is SO SO nice to be eating fresh picked salad greens. Ahh the freezer – Yes – happy to have it. I find I can get a little lazy about it though. I keep shoving stuff in there that I could be preserving in other ways – canning mainly. I am working on that. It is so nice to have it though.

  3. Susan says:

    Your freezer is so organized. Jealous. You can actually find things in it! I just plunge my hand in, pull something out and that’s what I cook (not the most organized way to do it). There is nothing like grass fed beef, is there? Totally different taste than corn fed and soooooo much better.

    • Hi Susan – well, I will admit, there are 2 organized shelves in our freezer. I only showed one of them. The last 2 need some work. I do use your method of plunging the hand it and pulling a surprise out. I would like to get a couple of bins to put on each shelf without losing space. Then I could pull out the bin and fish – put a label on the outside of the bin with a list of items in the bin and then cross out the item when I take it out. Whoo – I am exhausted just thinking about that level of organization! But it would be nice!

  4. Fran says:

    I loved reading your blog just now, especially the part where you put the steak in front of your husband and said “Deja Vu”! I also order my meat online from a Ranch. I usually place an order once a month from La Cense Beef located in Montana. They only sell grass fed beef, which is a lot healthier than grain fed. If you’re interested you should check out their fall catalog. http://www.lacensebeef.com/

    • Hi Fran – thanks for stopping by. I want to support the local ranchers and farmers in my area and keep my money in my community. The place you get your beef looks like a nice operation and I will leave the link in your comment so others can see. Thanks

  5. J. Searcy says:

    LOVE the photo of the freezer 🙂 We are hoping to start a CSA for local meats soon and you have motivated me to clean out my freezer…and label things!!!

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