Kivuli: the helper

Kivuli LOVES JD, so whenever he is home you will usually find Kivuli with him or very close by. Kivuli follows him around like a dog.

In these colder winter months Kivuli really enjoys sitting in JD’s lap or next to him if he can.

The other day when JD was working on the computer Kivuli really had to be near him. Kivuli’s answer to this was to make his way up onto the desk and plop right down in front of JD. The whole time, Kivuli s purring and slapping his tail all over (normal Kivuli behavior). You can never judge Kivuli’s mood by his tail like you can with other “normal” cats. Normally an agitated cat flicks its tail or continuously moves it back and forth. Kivuli, whether his is happy, sad, angry, agitated or cat napping, his tail is constantly slapping the floor (like a happy dog)

Kivuli’s position on the desk usually isn’t a problem for JD. He is normally researching or looking at airplane diagrams or a parts manual.  For me, he is smack in the way, laying right on my files and papers and notes. JD was done with the computer and I am trying to use it with Kivuli still there – that doesn’t always go well. Even though he is purring (and the tail is slapping up and down on the mouse changing the curser position constantly) anytime I move the mouse he makes a move towards me (still purring but using his claws!)

There is no way to get him down, because there is no way to pick him up from that particular position without a fight (without the use of leather gloves & without disrupting all the papers on the desk). Outside I prefer the scoop him up from that position (with said leather gloves) because he will curl around my right hand, attacking and chewing on it, while I scoop his body up with my left hand and carry him inside. Oh he hates that, because then I am cradling him like a cute little baby (mind you he is attacking my hand), cooing at him as we walk. I am sure his ego is in danger. His attacks are much more subdued then they were when he was in his prime. I , for one, am thankful for that!

Here, on the desk, it is better to leave him alone until he is “done” with his computer work or wait until he gets up to change positions and I can then get a better angle to pick him up with less of a fight and move him to the floor.

That’s our boy. Looks like a little angel doesn’t he. Well, looks can be deceiving…

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Sincerely, Emily

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13 Responses to Kivuli: the helper

  1. karenish says:

    So cute! My Mr. Bob is almost always in the same room as one of us, and generally on top of or right next to us. He’s a little snugglebug.

    He’s also a little sh!t-disturber too, when he wants to be. 🙂

  2. Jane says:

    So cute! When I worked at the equestrian therapy barn, we had a barn cat that loved to sleep on the keyboard of the computer in the office. On more than one occasion he managed to mess up a few emails that ended up getting sent to the management office. Not everyone will believe you when you said the cat sent it 🙂

    • That is a funny story about the barn cat. As I was typing, his tail was changing the position of the curser constantly – it was quite challenging. So glad he didn’t manage to actually send an email though!

  3. Joanna says:

    i love that shot of his paw! So perfect. He is a bit of a terror by the sound of it, but so loved – what a lucky chap he is 🙂

    • Very much loved and VERY much a terror. He will be 15 this fall. When we lived in Palm Springs he was unmanageable for me. Since we moved (4 years now) he has really calmed down and I am so thankful. It also means he is feeling old and it quite grumpy at time, but not as viscous towards me as he used to be. Our little angel (and a very lucky chap at that!)

  4. Kirsten says:

    I have always believed they run our homes. My Duchess must be near me always as well, even “yelling” at me when I’m in the shower. Her other fav spot is indeed on top of my keyboard.

    • Our cats normally don’t hang out with me at all. Kivuli loves JD though and always follows him around when he gets home. It took years to semi-socialize the other 2 feral ones. They now take over the bed at night, other than that they keep to themselves. Your Duchess sounds wonderful! Something about those keyboards. Kivuli got up on the desk last night when neither of us where even there. It seems to be a new spot for him. I will have to be mindful to move by stuff to one side so at least I can get at it if he is on the desk!

  5. zonnah says:

    This post made me chuckle 🙂

  6. Emily, Grace and I were in Comfort a couple of weeks ago and walked into a yarn store. Two ladies were working on a project. One of them had the store cat sitting on her instructions. Every time she had to read them, she had to push the cat’s butt out of the way. It was very cute to watch!

    • What a sight that must have been. Adorable I imagine. If I were to even try to move Kivuli off the papers on the desk I would be more sorry than it was worth. At 15yo he is still quick and swift with the delivery of his claws to my flesh! Not so adorable, but he sure looks like a little angle sleeping there.

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