What am I saving it for?

A long time ago I got over saving things for “special occasions.” I use the old linen dish towels and crocheted tablecloths from my Gram. I wear my Grandpa’s wedding ring in the summer when my hands swell up and my wedding ring is too uncomfortable to wear. I wear some of my mom’s necklaces and bracelets that I grew up watching  her wear. They really don’t get appreciated when they are kept in a drawer or a jewelry box. I use Gram’s antique blue and white bowls to put fruit in. I also use her beautifully embroidered pillow cases.

It took me a while (years in fact) to come to this realization. I figure I might as well use these things, or at least display them. What good are they if they are kept in boxes, never to be seen or used. What good is it to keep the linen packed away only to take it out once a year to wash and iron it and put it back in a drawer just to “save” it for another generation.

I am definitely emotional attached to “things” and that can get in the way sometimes. I call our house “lived in”, while someone else would call it “cluttered.” Some of the antiques that I am emotionally attached may not be of great monetary value (and others are.) I remember growing up with them, having them around, and now want them around me in my home.

Over the past five years my mom and I have been going through boxes and boxes of things that have been collected and passed down. I really wanted to go through the things while my mom is still healthy and able to do it with me and also so I could learn about the items and glean a bit of history about where they came from and who had them. The main purpose was to work towards having a Pre-Estate Sale (I guess it can also be called a Living State sale) and downsizing pre-death in this case. The market is not what it once was for selling antiques and collectibles, so for now we have gone through most of the things and separated them into three sections: Pre-Estate Sale, Emily’s things, and Keep (for mom to continue to enjoy).

I love having these things around the house that make me smile. They remind me of my Gram and my Gramps and Grandma. They remind me of my mom and wonderful memories of growing up.

Sincerely, Emily

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7 Responses to What am I saving it for?

  1. Jane says:

    I so agree with you. As the last one in line in this family, I realize that soon all these things I was told to keep, will end up at a state sale or worse. And how quickly a fire or dropping something could ruin it. So why not use it, it is just stuff. I really try to do this with most things, but I still have a quilt made by my great-great-grandmother that I keep putting on the bed then taking off cause I get scared it might get ruined. But how dumb is that, like I said I cant take it with me and there is no other family left so I really should use it.

    • oh the quilts are hard. I keep a sheet on top of the beds to protect things from the cats. Even the bedding is something I don’t worry too much about because of cat hair and other stuff (ahhh coughing up fur balls) I haven’t brought myself to using the old handmade quilts. My mom has them at her house on the beds and I enjoy them there.

  2. dee d says:

    This is great, Emily. i really enjoyed seeing the familiar things. And you are cherishing them. what more could I wish for?

  3. zonnah says:

    I feel the same way about certain items in my house. Although, the breakables are packed away temporarily until my son gets older, lol.

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