What am I saving it for? This old rug

Three years ago I brought a van full of “stuff” from my mom’s house in Minnesota to our house in Texas. One of the things was a set of rugs that my grandparents had used in their house in Wisconsin.

There were two rugs in this set. The large one is in the living room under the coffee table, while the smaller one has found a home under the office chair. We set up the office in what was the formal dining room. The room has hardwood floors and we knew that we couldn’t just put down the plastic chair mat that has cleated backing on it – that would just damage the floor. We also soon started seeing the damage to the floor and realized that we couldn’t just roll the chair around on the hardwood floor.  Gramps braided rug to the rescue. The second rug is smaller (about 5′ x 4′ ) and fits under the desk and chair very well.

view of the back side – how it is held together

A few weeks ago I had a hard time rolling back from the desk and it turns out that one of the wheels was stuck in the rug. The center of the rug had started to separate and the wheel was causing more damage.

Hmmm… what to do. If I repaired the rug, I knew it would happen again, so I figure the rug had to be moved out of that high wear area and I would need to look for a heavier made rug or carpet remnant with bound edges. That was until I was upstairs and saw the plastic chair mat with the cleated thingys (that used to be under the office chair in California) and realized that I could still use the rug (to protect the wood floor) put the plastic thingy on top of the rug (to protect the rug) and then the chair would roll again.

Done. It doesn’t look the best, but it is functional. I am going to wander the house and see if I can find a place where Gramps braided rug may look better without getting destroyed and find a different more functional rug for under the desk and chair. For now, it works.

Just last week I noticed there is now a plastic chair mats to go on hardwood floors. Boy, am I out of the loop. When did they invent those? I just might have to get one of those, then I could use Gramps nice rug somewhere else.

Sincerely, Emily

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8 Responses to What am I saving it for? This old rug

  1. karenish says:

    Beautiful. And what a lovely reminder of your grandparents!

    • Thanks! I have so many neat “things” around me that remind me of grandparents and parents. At first it was weird seeing them in my house, but they all blend in now and I enjoy using and seeing them.

  2. Jane says:

    They have chair mats for hardwood floors? I must find those. I need a carpet for my livingroom badly, but I am never going to find one large enough. (I would love a braided rug like yours). So I think the furniture will need to be put on the hardwoods instead of carpet. Let me know where you find those!

    • They do indeed (new to me) h ave these chair mats for hardwood floors. If you do an internet search for “chair mat for hardwood floor” you will get several links. Places like OfficeMax, Staples, Sam’s Club, etc. I sent you and email with some links so you can at least look at them to see get a visual on it.

  3. zonnah says:

    That is one cool rug, with so much history!

  4. tarynsouth says:

    This is a great article! I found this site to be good if you are looking for Braided rugs for your home! http://www.contemporarymodernrugs.com/braided-rugs

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