Dark Days: Week 10 – Valentine’s Sweets

We are onto our second challenge within the Dark Days Challenge. Valentine’s Day Sweets.  The objective is to try to use ingredients as local as possible to make some sweet treats leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Sweet… right! Well, I have mentioned this before, but because this is a challenge to make something sweet, it is worth mentioning again. Sweets are just not high on my list of things to make. Now it has been said and it out of the way.

So, what do I do when I am challenged to make something sweet? For this, I definitely needed to think outside the box. Even if I did decided on a sweet treat, I would be challenged again. Flour – nope, haven’t found it locally yet. Sugar – nope, haven’t found it locally yet. Organic; no problem. Local; problem.

The big reveal…

Candied Yams! Well, actually, they are sweet potatoes (or are they yams, but we call them sweet potatoes?) Whatever they are…. Candied somethings

All Local.        All Sweet.

Sincerely, Emily

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8 Responses to Dark Days: Week 10 – Valentine’s Sweets

  1. Victoria says:

    I’m so glad you posted…even though it’s on my calendar, I forgot all about it! The sweet potatoes look amazing!

    • They tasted amazing. I have been meaning to cook them all week and finally did last night about 9pm. Everyone got home really late and dinner was at 10:30pm. They all got a good laugh out of the meal… candied sweet potatoes, spaghetti and salad – another classic Emily combination. We have those interesting combinations from time to time. I just really wanted to get my meal posted on Friday (my DDC meal day) I look forward to see what you make for you meal.

  2. annieriedora says:

    These look great. I am not a sweets person either. I am thinking about maple balsamic glaze over goat cheese with a local dessert wine. Who knows what I will do tomorrow. I know the balsamic isn’t local. I also found maple glazed walnuts. Simple, and I can do it.

    When you aren’t a cookie or ice cream eater, this is hard.


    • Oh Annie – Ice cream – I didn’t think of that. I would have been able to pull that off! Local eggs, cream, milk and then a flavor (I have canned local peaches, or scented rose geranium) dang it! That would have been good. Oh well. Your idea with the goat cheese. oh and maple glazed walnuts. nice nice nice ideas. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

  3. karenish says:

    I love sweet potatoes. We rarely get them out here, as we don’t get them from our CSA, and rarely buy produce from the market.

    But I did buy a couple on this weeks shopping trip, for use in a recipe I found online.

    • Those sweet potatoes will be a nice treat for you! I really try to eat what is in the garden or in the freezer from the garden. I am starting to visit more farmers markets where they sell local produce and buy there. Some of the farmers market have sellers that ship in their produce. That is not what I want at all. One of the big chain grocery stores in our area has really developed its organic section over the past 2 years. That is a nice change, but almost none of it is local. It has been convenient, but really trying to buy local so I need to get out to those farmers markets more to get the things I am not growing (or want). Enjoy your sweet potatoes!

  4. Jes says:

    Candied yams! What a creative way to go all-local and all-sweet! Love it 🙂

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