Starting Seeds: Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant

It is that time of year again. Time to start planting seed in preparations for the spring planting.

I dug out the little seed trays and got them cleaned up. I used to clean them up before I put them away, but they still got dirty and filled with spider webs and nests that I just clean them when I want to use them now. It was a nice day outside so this wasn’t a hard task to do.

I pulled out the seed packets I wanted to use and got set up on the kitchen counter.

Last year was the first year I was really organized. This year is going well too. According to my notes last year, I started my pepper and tomato seeds Feb 15th and I noted that I wanted to start them a bit sooner this year. So, Feb 1st I got them started!

The tray below is peppers and hibiscus. The hibiscus was literally up in 2 days. YIKES! They are already hitting the top of the seed tray cover. Tomorrow I will need to get them planted up into 4″ pots so I can keep the lid on the tray until the peppers pop up.

What is in those seed trays you ask:

Some are seeds saved from last year, some of straight out of the seed packet. Last year was a terrible year for a spring garden in our area. Virtually no rain made it very difficult to harvest anything. I had planted over 35 tomato plants last year hoping to be rolling in tomatoes and sick of canning, but that didn’t happen. This year I am going for the same thing. I have heard that there are gardeners out there that say they never want to see another tomato after long hours of canning when it comes to a bountiful harvest. I have yet to have the experience. I hope to have that experience this year. Crossing my fingers and starting my seeds early!

There will be other seeds that I will sow directly in the ground. The seeds I have started above will take over out utility room by the tie they get planted in the ground. Last year I remember hauling them in and out during the day to let them get some fresh air and harden them off for planting. That is a lot of trips back and forth, but worth it to get a head start on the garden.

You can read a few of my last year seed starting posts and spring planting here, here and here.

Sincerely, Emily

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4 Responses to Starting Seeds: Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant

  1. annieriedora says:

    I have lettuces growing in seed trays in my bedroom. The best window for southern sunlight, a triple casement, is in our room. My husband tells me if he gets hungry, he doesn’t have far to go.

    I need to build a greenhouse.

    This year, we are buying our heirloom tomatoes from an incredible grower west of us. She grows 30 varieties of heirloom tomatoes and sells the seedlings the first week of May.

    I will be putting the chard in the second week of March. It does well in a protected area by the back door.


    • Annie – You better keep an eye on your husband. You may find your lettuce has been trimmed one morning. All those heirloom tomatoes sound fantastic. My seedlings are up and ready to be popped into 4″ pots already! They sprout and grow so fast!

  2. I love starting seeds it is one of my favorite parts about gardening. That does sound like a lot of trips, at least it is exercise 😉

    • This year was a strange year. Even though I planted seeds early, only a few eggplant seeds popped up. The peppers and tomatoes are still very far behind. It was warm enough, that once I took them outside they stayed there for the most part. I only moved them back into the house a few times and other time into the screen porch which was enough protection. So, not so much exercise this year – ha

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