Making Body Powder/Deodorant Powder

On my journey to simplify things in my life I have taken a look at what I can make. By making it myself I can eliminate all the unnecessary additives, colorants and things that don’t need to be there in the first place. Body powder was a easy switch for me.

Also, when I make my body powder, I reduce my recycling and trash by reusing a shaker. I found this salt shaker at an estate salt. It really brought back some great memories of a cabin we used to rent in the 70’s. There was a salt & pepper shaker set just like that. How neat.

This is not a recipe that I came up with, you will find it all over the internet.

My body powder shaker

Here is the basic recipe I found (the variation I use is listed below):

  • 3 T Baking Soda
  • 3 T Cornstarch

Mix together thoroughly. Apply as often as you need to. Use in place of deodorant and/or body powder.

I have seen this basic recipe on many blog, as well as a few variations. Many people can use the basic recipe with great results. Some people will be able to increase the amount of baking soda while others (that’s me) will have to continue to reduce the amount of baking soda until it works. I get a red itchy rash when it comes to the baking soda, so I drastically reduced the amount and found what works for me. If you do not know where you stand with baking soda, it might be best to start with the above recipe, use it for a week and see how you handle it. You will probably know within a few days if you are sensitive to the baking soda or not. If you are not, you can chose to increase the baking soda or use the basic recipe if it is working for you.

Arrowroot powder is something you can use in place of the cornstarch. I used the above original recipe 6:1 ratio with corn starch: baking soda for a long time. I now use half cornstarch and half arrow root powder. The arrowroot powder has a much smoother feel to it and I do prefer it over the cornstarch.

My Version:

  • 1 T Baking Soda
  • 3 T Cornstarch
  • 3 T Arrowroot powder

When winter comes, it brings drier days and my skin starts to dry out. I have also noticed the in the winter, even my version the body power has too much baking soda. I now just use a mixture of arrowroot powder and cornstarch in the winter.

The arrowroot powder I have is not organic. I will replace it organic when I run out.

I mix up a double or triple recipe and store it in a jar. It saves me a little time and clean up and I can just refill my shaker and be back in business.

The baking soda I buy in bulk. It is aluminum free. Aluminum is one of the ingredients that I really wanted to eliminate in the deodorant I use. When I first started making this body powder 3+ years ago, I really had to look around to find a baking soda that is aluminum free. Now you can find it quite easily in most grocery stores.

You will have a lot less waste using this powder. No more container to throw away or recycle every time you run out.

Unfortunately, using this as a deodorant isn’t keeping me stink-free throughout the hot summers of South Texas. I continue to use it as a body powder with success and that is a great thing. I am still on the lookout for a deodorant recipe that works for me. I recently found a few new-to-me recipes for deodorant that I will try. Crossing my fingers that one will work for me.

Sincerely, Emily

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11 Responses to Making Body Powder/Deodorant Powder

  1. Oh, great idea! My baker soda + coconut oil + perfume oil deodorant works pretty well. I still sweat normally, which is its own annoyance depending on what shirt I’m wearing. I don’t notice any stinkiness when I’m doing normal activities. Still, I’m curious to know how the new deodorant recipe works for you. I’m always willing to change it up.

    I also get a rash if there’s too much baking soda in my deodorant, and have to be careful not to put it on immediately after shaving.

    I’m also looking for natural face moisturizers and toothpaste/powder, in case you have any recipes. 🙂

    • Hi Karenish – I am glad you have a deodorant that is working for you. The rash thing is the hardest part for me. I did a post on the Oil-Cleaning Method (OCM) as a face “wash” and it does such wonders for moisturizing my face that I haven’t needed anything else. Read through the comments also. Using grapeseed oil in place of the olive oil produces a thinner, lighter oil for the hotter days of some climates. It has done wonders for me this winter.

      I should have a post finished for the tooth powder that use along with some other helpful oral hygiene info (beginning of March most likely)

  2. Jane says:

    I too love the recipe with the coconut oil. It is an antibacterial and helps kill the bacteria that can make the stink. And it might help sooth your skin. It is all I use for years and no smell problem even in the heat of summer.

    • Hi Jane – the one recipe I used (can’t put my hands on it right now) had coconut oil, baking soda, cornstach and tea tree oil. It worked great, but the rash was bad after 4-5 days of using it.

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  5. Ande Ritchie says:

    Hi there,
    Just wanted to let you know that if you add some chickpea flour into the mix you should be able to eliminate odours quite effectively. My mix is 2 parts chickpea flour, 2 parts arrowroot powder or flour and 1 part cornstarch. This worked for me through a heat wave when nothing else did. (I can’t tolerate baking soda on my skin; it causes horrible irritation.)

    • Hi Ande – thanks for your comment. I have a hard tie with the baking soda too, so THANKS for the tip about adding the chickpea flour. I will definitely try that in the next batch I make up.

  6. Dee says:

    Emily, add the baking soda back to your deodorant mix for odor free days. However, to avoid irritation from the baking soda, first wipe or spray organic apple cider vinegar under your arms before applying the baking soda/cornstarch/arrowroot powder mix to balance the pH of the baking soda. You can even do a clear water rinse under your arms afterwards with a wash cloth (if the temporary smell bothers you) and still retain the benefits. That will resolve the itchy rash that results from the pH imbalance caused by using baking soda alone.

    • HI Dee, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the tip on the ACV. I will give that a try and report back. We have just cooled down again. Our high today was something like 39F (I know, that is a heat wave for some of you out there) My point is that it is hard to test deodorant in 39F degree weather.

    • HI Dee – just wanted to give an update – I tried your technique to use ACV before the using my version of the powder. That didn’t seem to help. I tried it with no rash at the time and seemed to develop one. Bummer it didn’t work for me.

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