Dark Days: Week 13 – Roasted Fennel, Squash and Onions with Kale Chips

What the heck took me so long to make kale chips! My gosh they are so good.

Dark Days Challenge 2011-2012

We have a Vegetarian Challenge coming up as part of the Dark Days Challenge. Although my vegetarian meal isn’t “due”until next week, I was inspired by a meal that Jes over at Eating Appalachia made this week for the Dark Days Challenge. She made a beautiful kale and arugula salad with roasted acorn squash. I should clarify that I am inspired a lot by the meals that are cooked up by the South Region of the Dark Days Challenge. For some reason, seeing Jes’s salad made me want to head out back to the garden and do something with some of the kale out there.

Earlier in this challenge a few of the South Region participants made kale chips. Those also caught my eye and I still hadn’t made them. When I walked out back to get the kale I decided that I would make kale chips. I also picked a fennel bulb and some little broccoli sprigs. The broccoli never made it to the table. I started munching on it as I chopped other things. Those tiny off shoots are so tender.

I had two handfuls of bunching onions from my neighbors garden that I pulled last night. They are so healthy and huge this year.

It was in the high 80’s today and I am not sure why, but I decided to roast all my veggies up for dinner, but I did.

  • Fennel – from my garden
  • Bunching Onions – from the neighbor’s garden
  • Kale – from my garden
  • Olive Oil – Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard – 48 miles
  • Butternut Squash – Martinez farms – 64 miles

It was a great dinner. All local. All tasty

Sincerely, Emily

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13 Responses to Dark Days: Week 13 – Roasted Fennel, Squash and Onions with Kale Chips

  1. Jane says:

    Yummy Yum Yum! And I love kale chips. So addictive.

    • I have have only grown kale for two years, but boy have I been missing out on kale chips! I just might have to do a post and highlight it! One of my “It’s About Time” posts like the KitchenAid mixer …. ha

  2. Kale chips are the BEST! I actually just saw a recipe for chocolate-coated kale chips a few days ago and they have me intrigued.

    Local olive oil . . . something I never thought to look for around here. I always have friends/relatives who live in CA bring me some of *their* local olive oil when they visit, but if I could find some in the South, that would be so much easier!

  3. Victoria says:

    So how is Kale – in the garden? I’m a chard kinda gal, but I’m expanding to kale this year too….

    The meal looks divine, as always!

    • Hi Victoria – I am a chard person too. I have grown kale the past 2 winters and it has done well in my garden. I am using it more and more and will increase the amount I plant next fall/winter. I cut kale (same with chard) up real thin and fine and add it to soups, pasta sauces, scrambled eggs and quiches. I have it fresh in salads and this was the first time that I made kale chips and they were great. It has a much thicker texture than chard, but I use it a lot like chard. Come to think of it, I have not just steamed it and eaten it like a side dish like I do with chard. The kale I have growing this year is Lacinto (or Tuscan) and it is more of a smooth leaf (vs curly leaf) variety. I like it

      Here is a post I did for a Mediterranean Kale Salad

  4. Jes says:

    What a beautiful roasted dinner!! Your kale is utterly gorgeous–I hope I can grow some as lovely as yours. Can’t believe you’ve got weather in the 80s, sounds heavenly as we’re back in the 20s this evening 🙂

    • Hi Jes – the kale is doing well. And this is my first fennel harvest. I have planted fennel the past 2 winters and finally have something to show for it. 5 more bulbs out there growing. The 2 days of 80+ are gone. We were 60F today (I know that would be warm for you) it felt good and colder nights. 80+ was downright hot.

  5. Joanna says:

    I want your dinner too! and ….Ooh I don’t know how to make Kale chips, please write a post, I might grow some this year and it would be great to have something else to do with them. Lately I have been shredding my cabbage really fine and stir frying it in sesame oil with a little chilli and caraway seeds. I cannot believe either how hot it is where you live. The temps got up to 10C yesterday and we felt positively warm again, turning our faces to the sunshine with joy!

    • oh those kale chips! YUM! Thanks, I will do a post on them. I have a cabbage in the garden that is ready to pick. I want to make sauerkraut with it. Stir frying your cabbage your way sound delicious! The heat has gone and we are back to semi-normal winter temps for us which would still be warm for you. I am glad the sun was shining for your warm day and you could enjoy the sun in your face. That is such a nice feeling!

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