Handmade Pay it Forward Challenge – 2012

I have been seeing the Handmade Pay It Forward Challenge going around on a few blogs, but I was always too late to get in on the fun.  I was able to get in on it over at Tom’s blog Worms-a-crawling Farm and be one of his “5”  !!

Here are some details on what this is all about.

As part of the Hand Made Pay It Forward 2012, I hereby pledge to send something hand made by me to the first five people who leave comments and also pledge to “pay it forward”

Be one of the first five people to leave a comment that you want to be in my “five”  & I will send you something I have handmade by the deadline.

  • Then on your blog, post about the challenge to “Pay it Forward” and get your own “5” who comment and them send each of them a handmade item made by you.
  • It doesn’t matter what you make, but YOU must make it – small, large, simple, complex
  • You have plenty of time to send off your handmade things – You have to pledge to send our your handmade item by Dec, 31 2012 – but don’t wait that long, dive right in and get it done.

I hope that there are five people out there who want to participate and have some fun!

Let’s hear it for the 2012 Handmade Pay it Forward Challenge!

Note: I re-posted this in November 2012 and have received my “five” on that post.

Sincerely, Emily

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