Dark Days Week 14: recap for the South Region

The South Region has been a very active group throughout this challenge.  Thanks for stopping by to see what they are cooking up this week.

Dark Days Challenge 2011-2012

Annie (MD) from AnnieRie Unplugged challenged herself to cook some new foods at home.  She served Bison short ribs over soft and creamy polenta and a side of honey glazed carrots. The short ribs were rubbed down with a dry rub and slathered with tomato preserves before baking. The polenta was made with a roasted cornmeal and I can only imagine that roasted flavor came shining through. The carrots were steams and then honey glazed. Stop by her blog to read about her local resources and read more

Susan (VA) from Backyard Grocery treated herself to a special meal after having a hard and stressful week. She made stuffed pork cutlets, (stuffed with shallots and mushrooms) lemon pepper linguini and a nice side salad made from lettuce and radishes growing in their garden.  Maybe you have noticed Susan’s love for all things “stuffed”. She has made stuffed duck breast,  stuffed venison – all DDC qualifying meals. Head over to her blog to see her cooking (and stuffing) process and learn about her local resources.

Victoria (MD) from The Soffritto had a craving and she satisfied it with seared sirloin with a vegetable and egg noodle al forno.  She roasted the rutabaga, carrots, garlic, onions and thyme to bring out their flavors then pureed them until smooth so they would hug the noodles. The steak was pan seared adding a sprig of rosemary towards the end. Cravings where satisfied and their tummies were happy and filled. Visit her blog to read about her local resources for this meal and see her list of local resources down the right hand side of her blog.

Rebecca (VA) from Eating Floyd went all Southern Comfort with her meal this week.  She used so many wonderful ingredients, bumping up the flavor at every chance she got. Sweet potatoes, hog jowls, cabbage, garlic, bacon, walnuts, onions, and black-eyed peas. With tips on sweet potatoes, making an Italian battuto and rendering hog jowls, you need to stop by her blog to read the whole thing.

Jes (VA) at Eating Appalachia has been craving kale lately  (for the past several weeks) and her new favorite kale salad this week is inspired by one she has eaten many times at a restaurant in Atlanta. It was time to make this salad at home. From what I can tell she has two loves – this salad and the dressing that goes on it. The dressing coming it first place. She once had a copy of the recipe for this dressing, but can’t find it. She did end up finding a version on another blog & promptly made it up. Jes is back in heaven & thoroughly enjoying addicted to this dressing. Visit her blog to read her entire post and learn more about this fabulous dressing. She has me convinced. I will be making it!

Monika (NC) from Windy City Vegan wanted to get past her dislike for besan (chickpea flour) that is used a lot by those who are gluten free. She continues to hear how wonderful soccas are, yet she never gets around to making them because of the besan used in them. It was time to get back on the horse and give it another try and she decided to come up with a version that would work for her and she was successful. Stop by her blog to read about her version of soccas and see her recipe.

Today over at Not Dabbling in Normal (probably around mid-day) you can read about the West Region and see what they cooked up for the Vegetarian Challenge. Next week, the South Region will show us what they can do in the Vegetarian Challenge.

Sincerely, Emily

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