Golf Balls

I do not live near a gold course.

That doesn’t keep me from finding golf balls… in my yard!

Seriously, how the heck did that one get there? It looks like it has been there a while the way it is sunk into the mulch a bit. I noticed it in July 2011.  How long had it been there? I am sure I would have noticed it! It should give me an idea as to which direction these balls are coming from I guess. It is still a mystery.

I added two to my collection that day.

So far, I have about 10 in the 4 years we have lived here.

My neighbors to the East of us have quite the collection and they have lived here a lot longer than I have.

I’ma thinkin’ that the deer play golf at night in these here parts.

Sincerely, Emily

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12 Responses to Golf Balls

  1. Jane says:

    Maybe you do have a raccoon or critter that thinks they are a nice tasty egg, so they scurry off with it only to find out they got duped. I have golf balls appear here too, but I know the culprit -the neighbor. You have a real mystery.

    • I suspected a specific neighbor but when I look at where I find them I have ruled them out and figure it is another neighbor. There is just such a big range in where I find them (and my other neighbor too). The one in the photo just really made me laugh. It was tucked in there in an the oddest place I have found one so far. I haven’t found any in several months. It is an odd cycle too.

  2. itchbay says:

    Every time we turn the soil, we get toys. Two owners ago had a preschool here. But still, I’m amazed at how many toys we still find.

    • oh toys, funny. I imagine it is like finding buried treasures in a way. I found a ton of dog chew toys and things in our backyard when we first moved it. I still find something from time to time in the back area I don’t mow.

      • We keep finding glass bottles in our yard. A couple years ago we found a really old Pepsi bottle with the Pepsi still in it.

      • Your found treasures some fun. When we moved here I found torn up stuffed animal (dog toys) ALL over the back yard and chew toys too. One was a plastic carrot and I left it in one of the gardens. Another was a small stuffed squirrel and we put him in the crook of a tree. They rest were garbage. Your Pepsi bottle sounds like a fun find!

  3. Joanna says:

    An animal – maybe the toad is rolling them around at night, or a bird thinks they are an egg, or a possum thinks it’s food, or a dinsoauar from another time is coming through a time tunnel and leaving them and you only think they are golf balls but maybe they are really dinsoaur eggs… the squirrel buries nuts in the lawn and they come up as trees. Or maybe it is someone just leaving them on your land so that you will blog about them 😉

    • I never thought of Mr. Toad! Picture that… Mr. Toad on the golf course with a very tiny putter. M. Toad’s friend is standing on his two back legs holding the flag out of the cup so he can make the put!

  4. Christine says:

    I have heard of crows being a problem on golf courses, stealing the balls. Otherwise, someone has a great golfing swing!

    • I imagine someone is practicing in their backyard. When we lived in Kenya, the Vervet monkeys were a problem on the gold courses. They would scamper out and steal the gold balls. Cheeky little monkeys (I couldn’t resist!)

  5. John says:

    This is happening to me too! Except, I have found 18 so far over the course of a month and they keep mysteriously appearing in my front driveway in the night and when I’m at work. It’s also happening to my neighbor. Any idea what it is? It seems as if someone threw them in my yard, not like they are buried.

    • HI John, well, the mystery has been solved. A neighbor on our street was literally hitting balls from his front yard in any direction he wanted to. One neighbor finally saw him doing it and went out and had a chat. The “golfing” neighbor didn’t care and continued his neighborhood golfing. The neighbor that spotted him, was able to catch him doing it again and had to call the police to come settle the issue. Done, no more golf balls… hoping it stays that way. By the way, most of the golf balls that I found in our yard were just laying there, not buried like the one in the photo.

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