Dark Days Week 16 – Sausage with Southern-type Peas

Dark Days

Still cooking for the Dark Days Challenge.  I decided to dig into the freezer and pull out some the Southern-type peas (zipper peas, cow peas, crowder peas) that I have from the garden last summer. Those peas grew really well considering how dry and hot it was last summer. I will plant more this spring!

What and Where:

  • Southern-type Peas
  • Mexican-style Sausage – South Texas Heritage Pork – 55 miles
  • Green Bunching Onions – my garden
  • Balsamic vinegar (in the peas) – not local
  • Lettuce – my garden
  • Carrot (grated onto salad) – Springfield Farm  (no website)- 95 miles
  • Olive Oil – Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard – 48 miles
  • White Wine Vinegar (in salad dressing) – not local

Sincerely, Emily

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