Week 16: Recap for the South Region

I am still impressed with the amount of cooking and blogging going on in the South Region for the Dark Days Challenge. Here we are in week 16, with just 3 weeks left to go and they are still cooking up a storm.

Annie (MD) from AnnieRei Unplugged is still recovering from surgery & wanted to give her husband a break from cooking a large meal so they focused on local lunches this week. Using eggs and celery from their CSA and the last of the homemade pickles, he made egg salad. It was so good & there was enough for several lunches. Annie has also been enjoying some toast and homemade concord grape jelly made by a neighbor for her morning breakfast. Head over to her blog for more information.

Annie (MD) from AnnieRei Unplugged has another meal to share… and accidental, unplanned local dinner! They had no room in the freezer so they pulled out a chicken to make room for the CSA meat and egg delivery. Annie had her husband put the frozen chicken in the crockpot (yes, I said frozen) along with carrots and turkey stock. Chicken, carrots & potatoes for dinner and enough left-over for several meals plus soup later in the week. Head over to her blog to find out how that frozen chicken in the crockpot works and more!

Susan (VA) from Backyard Grocery has had a very busy week, but somehow (at 5:30am) she had time to make up a nice meal of linguini and duckballs. She used duck sausage, ground beef, fennel, egg & additional seasoning to make the duckballs and served them with local pasta sauce over linguini. The meal looks wonderful and was enjoyed later for dinner.  Stop by her blog to see her recipe and learn about her local resources.

Victoria (MD) from The Soffritto had a hard time thinking of making soup when the weather has been so warm, (or hot in some cases) instead she picked up some hydroponic tomatoes and made grilled cheese, tomato and pesto sandwiches. We won’t talk about where the cheese came from (far, far away) but Victoria didn’t let the guilt keep her down for long. Her sandwiches look wonderful. Perfect for an uncharacteristically warm day in Maryland (80F) in March. Stop by her blog and check out her sandwiches.

Jessica (SC) from Eat.Drink.Nourish. has been extremely busy with family visiting, birthday to celebrate, working a lot more and being out of town more too. She hasn’t missed one single meal since the beginning of this challenge and she thought she might have to miss this week. Then she remembered some soup she had made for the one-pot meal challenge, but never used… frozen beef & root vegetable stew to the rescue! Visit her blog to read about her local resources and her veggie combination for her stew. YUM!

Liz (VA) from Family Foodie Survival Guide was reflecting on her meals and the changes she realized happened slowly over the past few months as she participated in the DDC. She realized that the choices that she has made throughout this challenge have filtered deeply into their daily lives and their daily meals. A walk through the market now has them choosing local food such as bangers, sweet potatoes and green beans all for a meal that evening. At the same time they picked up bacon to go with waffles for the next morning (all with local ingredients). Part of one meal is drawn into another (left-over sausages for lunch the next day) or left over flour into another meal in a few days. She now notices that when they just eat what is in the house, a lot of it is now local. Head over to her blog to read her post. It is wonderful with many great comments from others in this challenge and what changes they have made along the way as well.

Rebecca (VA) from Eating Floyd did an in-depth post on what they have learned from the DDC and about what they grow, eat and how it is affecting their future plans, all in a good way! She talks about their celebration of going almost meatless, and then offers us a view of her two meals this week (both containing meat) She made is a nice looking vegetable venison soup pie using homemade canned venison vegetable soup and pie crust receipt

Rebecca (VA) from Eating Floyd also made a delicious looking roasted butternut squash with thinly sliced poached chicken breasts. She roasted the butternut squash and then started the risotto using chicken broth. Also adding onion, garlic and cumin. When it all comes together she added sage and spinach. It looks wonderful. Head over to her blog  to read her great post about how the DDC has affected her and also see both of her recipes.

Jes (VA) from Eating Appalachia is presently over in England and France for the next two week. In the past week she did eat out at two restaurants in her area and has posted about her experiences and the food she ate. One called Xinachtli, located in Salem, VA and is run by a husband and wife team. The other is actually a restaurant on wheels – it’s a food truck called Bruno’s Gastro Truck and it rotates locations in the New River Valley. Head over to her blog to read about each one.

Monika (NC) from Windy City Vegan is happy to be back in her own kitchen this week after being away so much last week. She has been busy testing recipes for an Asian cookbook. She also started the testing process for another cookbook that is focusing on multigrain baking. While she can’t tell us any details on the SOLE dishes she make this week, she was excited to find a few more locally sourced ingredients that where new to her. What fun. Stop by her blog to find out what she is up to and who it is for.

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4 Responses to Week 16: Recap for the South Region

  1. Victoria says:

    Impressive recap!.The busy South-Region continues their delicious creative meals!!!

  2. annierie says:

    I can’t believe how well the south is doing. We are the stars of Dark Days. We have to thank Emily for the inspiration. Nine of us still cooking every week.

    Pat ourselves on the back! 🙂

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