Dark Days Meal: Week 17- Burgers

I think this will be my worst documented meal yet for the Dark Days Challenge. I only got as far as taking a photo of the burgers as they cooked. The meal was good, just almost completely un-photographed!

The burgers were great. I used a mixture of pork and beef and threw in some chopped up Anaheim peppers, chopped bunching onions and some farm, fresh eggs.

I served the burgers with home-grown, home-canned zucchini chutney and a large side salad. I forgot to photograph the salad also! Here is a salad photo from another DDC meal. Same ingredients, same salad.

Where did it all come from:

  • Pork and Beef – Bandera Grasslands – 70 miles
  • Anaheim Peppers – From my garden, frozen
  • Bunching Onions – from neighbor’s garden
  • Eggs – new resource – Local farm about 12 miles
  • Zucchini Chutney – Homemade/Home-canned with veggies from garden
  • Lettuce and carrots – From the garden

Sincerely, Emily

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