Dark Days Meal: Breakfast Theme

It is time for our last challenge within the Dark Days Challenge. Breakfast. It’s been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

For me, breakfast is a very easy meal for me to cook with all local ingredients. I did not get creative, I just cooked one of the things I normally cook for breakfast. I used eggs, cheese, chard, pork and caramelized onions in my omelet. The only thing that was not local in the omelet were the fennel seeds I used to season the pork with.

Where is it all from:

  • Eggs: From a farm 12 miles from me (new source for me)
  • Cheese: Strykly Dairy – 100 miles
  • Chard: out back in the garden
  • Pork: Bandera Grasslands – 70 miles
  • Caramelized Onions:  last years garden, caramelized and frozen
  • Fennel Seeds: far far away

Sincerely, Emily

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6 Responses to Dark Days Meal: Breakfast Theme

  1. annierie says:

    I like your omelet style. Closer to a crepe. I make mine too thick. Can’t believe it’s our last week. We made it through four months.

    • Hi Annie – I use two eggs and beat in some water. Somehow that works and I can get it out of the pan easily. Once it is on the plate I then add the inside parts. YUM! I can’t believe it is out last week also!

  2. food4five says:

    Looks delicious! I have never added fennel seeds to an omelet – i just might need to give that a try!

    • Hi Liz – I love cooking the fennel seeds with ground pork (put on pizza) or any pork that I have cubes and re-cook in cast iron skillet. I just love the flavor and it was so nice in the omelet.

  3. Christine says:

    That breakfast sure looks good. Simple is often the best and more rewarding! How organised you are to freeze the caramelised onions.

    • HI Christine – I do prefer simple meals. About the onions. I plant my onions in Nov and grow them over out winter. Other people in the Norther US are getting theirs in now or soon, once the snow is gone and the ground has warmed up a bit. They just don’t do well in my area in the heat of the summer. The green onions have been great to eat all winter and are now starting to flower. The bulb onions will go another month or so before we harvest them & then the heat of the summer kicks in. We don’t have any cool storage areas to keep them (basement or cellar) so I have decided to chop and freeze some and caramelize some and freeze. Chopped frozen onions just aren’t the same as fresh but their flavor is still good. I think the caramelized ones are great.

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