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Harvesting Poppy Seeds (papaveraceae)

You may remember my beautifully blooming red poppies back in March. The seed pods have now dried and it is time to collect the seeds. I harvest the seeds for two reasons. The biggest reason is control. Poppies re-seed very, … Continue reading

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Sunday Photos: Purple

Beautiful purple photos over at Not Dabbling in Normal today. Head over there to see them. I only have space to put one or two over there, so I thought I would post a few more here today. Enjoy You … Continue reading

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Rose Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)

I remember my mom would have scented geraniums from time to time and I always enjoyed the different types she had.  They were always so alluring, drawing me over to brush a leaf and inhale slowly and deeply, drinking in … Continue reading

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New plants

I spent some time at the neighbors thinning out the agave and potting up some baby Jerusalem Sage plants. We had potted up some lambsquarter earlier in April that I will take to a plant swap in a few weeks. … Continue reading

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Popcorn is a wonderful thing. My earliest popcorn memories revolve around my Gram. It was a treat to have popcorn at her apartment because she had a secret ingredient. She guarded the secret ingredient, until one day I went in … Continue reading

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A Culinary Evening: Focus on Oregano

Last week was April meeting for the Culinary SIG (special interest group.) The focus that evening was oregano. Everyone brought wonderful dishes cooked around using oregano. It was a lot of fun and a lot of great food. No one … Continue reading

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DDC Memories from the South Region

Last Sunday, over at Not Dabbling in Normal, we posted a few photos of some of the memorable meals throughout the Dark Days Challenge. Since I only had space to put a few photos, I wanted to make sure each … Continue reading

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Braided Bread and Stuffed Bread

Look at what I did yesterday! Mine is the long one on the right This was the 5 strand bread braid I did. The class was a lot of fun. All hands on. I look forward to making more of … Continue reading

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Spoon Stamping: It’s About Time!

My friend and I got together again and we stamped spoons. This was so much fun. I have seen different stamped spoons over the years. Some have been made with herb names on them and stuck in pots while others … Continue reading

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Feed Bags

There are a few things over the past few years that I never thought I would know or do. I never thought I would know which string to pull on a feed bag. I also never thought I would put … Continue reading

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