Week 18: South Region recap

South Region recap for the Dark Days Challenge.

Annie (MD) from AnnieRie Unplugged had a great local meal again this week. She was able to used some left-overs from last weeks meal and add a few more local ingredients to round out her meal. They had left-over pork chops with mashed turnips and carrots with sage butter. A nice spinach salad on the side with some local raspberry vinaigrette finished it off. Her husband’s comment was, “I don’t know why I would want to eat anywhere else?” head over to her blog to read more about her local resources.

Susan (VA) from Backyard Grocery continued her south-of-the-border theme with her meal this week using left over venison from her meal last week she made smoky and spicy venison nachos for dinner. She added chopped local portabello mushrooms along with some local smoked cheddar to her venison. She also used some local chipotle seasonings. Local tortilla chips rounded off her meal. Stop by her log to read more about her meal and her local ingredients.

Victoria (MD) from The Soffritto has asparagus on her mind. It is that time of year and she will eat all the asparagus she can get her hands on. This week she made strip steaks with a warm asparagus salad. She has some nice leafy greens growing in her garden and she added a local hydroponic tomato to go with them and the asparagus. With some local dill bread to go with her meal, it was time to eat. Visit her blog to see her recipe and local resources.

Rebecca (VA) from Eating Floyd has been spending a lot of time outside getting gardens ready and planting things. Her meal this week was created out of pure exhaustion after spending all day working outside (but she wasn’t complaining.) She made her version of a faux pho. Am I the only one that didn’t know what that was? I can say, after doing a google search, that I like her version and it looks great!  She used all local ingredients starting with left-over turkey stock and poaching garlic and eggs and adding cilantro and Asian greens, she was set. Stop by her blog for more information.

Liz (VA) from Family Foodie Survival Guide intended to write about a fabulous chicken the got and the many meals that came from it, but still hasn’t done it. Instead she fast forwarded one week and cooked for the breakfast challenge. She made some beautiful eggs (sunny side up) and served them with sautéed mushrooms and some local toasted bread with plum jam. YUM! Head over to her blog to read her post and learn about her local resources.

Monika (NC) from Windy City Vegan made a beautiful Arabian lentil and rice soup. She served it with uttapam; an Indian fermented flat bread. She was thrilled she had time to cook this week, but might not get her blog post up with the recipes in time.

Be sure to visit each individual blog to learn more about their meals and their local resources. The Dark Days Challenge is coming to an end in the next week. Today over at Not Dabbling in Normal, the recap for the WEST is all about breakfast in the Breakfast Challenge within the Dark Days Challenge. Next week you can see what the South Region brings to the table for the Breakfast Challenge.

Sincerely, Emily

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