Blooming right now: Texas Bluebonnets (lupinus texensis)

The Texas Bluebonnets (lupinus texensis) are in bloom right now. This beautiful , hardy winter annual is native to Texas and has been adopted as the state flower of Texas. We have had some nice winter rains and so many wild flowers have been blooming this spring and the bluebonnets are in abundance.

The bluebonnets are one of the most common flowers seen along the roads and in open fields this time of year.

They need good drainage and full sun to develop full, beautiful tall spires.  Mine are in one of the pool gardens (where I have purple, blue and white flowered plants) and do not get direct sun as early as those that are located along the road side, but once the sun starts to hit them, the plant take off and thrive.

As the seeds pods develop, it becomes a challenge to get there at the right time to harvest them. If you are too late, the pod will have split and popped open scattering the seeds in every direction and all that remains is the two pod sections looking like corkscrews, each going in a different direction.

My mom has lupines growing in some of her gardens in Minnesota and I have always enjoyed them. I am thrilled to have the Bluebonnets (a relative) growing in mine.

Sincerely, Emily

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2 Responses to Blooming right now: Texas Bluebonnets (lupinus texensis)

  1. Nancy says:

    Such a beautiful flower! It’s still dreary here in Maine, can’t wait to see some pretty spring colors

    • Thanks Nancy. We do have early springs here compared to the norther part of the US. I remember the big snow storms of March when growing up in MN & WI (and even some in April!) I know spring it coming for you, real soon and by the time you are in Spring it will be so hot here all the pretty spring flowers will be a distant memory!

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