DDC Week 19: Local in Florida

This week I am out of my local South Texas elements and in the middle of Southwest Florida’s elements.

I do not have time to go out and search for lots of local foods right now, but I did have time to pick up a few SW Florida treats to eat while I am here visiting and helping family.

We picked up huge bags of grapefruit and oranges. We will have local corn for dinner tonight. We had local star fruit, right off the tree with lunch today along with some local potatoes.

We stopped at a Temple Citrus for the grapefruit and oranges, but managed to forget the cooler for the other veggies.

There is a farmers market this weekend, but I do not know that I will have a chance to get there. We will see how things are going.

Sincerely, Emily

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2 Responses to DDC Week 19: Local in Florida

  1. Chiot's Run says:

    MMMM, carambola (star fruit). Love all these fruits as they bring back great memories from my childhood in South America. Funny thing, when Mr Chiots and I were in FL in Feb we ran into the grocery looking for local oranges – none to be found. They were all from elsewhere in the US or the world. Then we stumbled on the Food & Thought market and at least they had a better offering of local foods. (they even had raw milk for sale). http://www.foodandthought.com/

    • Mom is hoping that we can get out to Food & Thought (it’s a mile from us) a little later in the week if she is up to it and we are also hoping to get to the town of Homestead (over toward east coast) where there is lots of good local stuff. Gramps used to take us there when I was little (lived in Hollywood, FL). The store Temple Citrus we stopped at is on Airport Pulling (Naples) and they only sell the citrus they grow and they also have some veggies that are local (and some that re not).

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