Blackie: Taking a little break

Blackie is one of the cats next door. He is quite a beauty and has my heart wrapped around his little claw. He usually greets me when ever I go next door.

I always take my camera with me when I head next door, I just never know when I will need or want it and it seems I am usually taking photos of Blackie. I also take photos of plants and flowers, but many are of this wonderful black cat; Blackie!

When I am next door, he will follow me around the gardens, weaving in and out of my legs as I walk and turning to look up at me and talking all the way.

Blackie was a stray that wandered into my neighbors yard and found a wonderful home when he did. They already had four other cats, and really weren’t looking for a 5th. They asked if I wanted him… YES! YES! However, the cats we already have would just not agree with me, so Blackie stayed at the neighbors.

I enjoy seeing him when I go next door and capturing his personality through my camera. He always makes me smile.

Is there an animal that puts a smile on your face?

Sincerely, Emily

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3 Responses to Blackie: Taking a little break

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Hi! That is a beautiful cat! Lots of animals melt my heart but our little Coco is our joy! (and nuisance!)

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