Rainbarrel Repair

I couldn’t figure out why one of the rain barrels wasn’t filling at all when we had a light rain. It just didn’t make sense.

We have a really high pitched roof and when it rains really hard the water comes off the roof with such force that is  just shoots off the edge of the roof, flying right past the gutters and cascading off like a waterfall. When it rains like that, hardly any water goes in the rain barrels at all. What I have learned is that we need a wider gutter to compensate for the large amount of water that comes off our high pitched roof during any rain. But that is another project entirely. Right now I needed to figure out why no water was getting in one of the barrels even during a light rain.

When I went out during a light rain a while ago, this is what I saw.

The accordion-like connection I used had cracked and all the water was just running out the crack. Well, that cleared that all up. No wonder no water was getting into that barrel. I have no idea how old these connectors are, they were part of the downspouts on the gutters when we bought the house. I was just happy there were bits and pieces we could use to connect the gutters to the rain barrels. I am also happy things have worked as well as they have in the 3 years since we set up the water collection tanks.

I had another flexible accoridian-like connector that came off one of the downspouts when we added the rain barrels. So, I just replaced the cracked one and things are much better now.

It was good to be able to recycle this connector that wasn’t being used anymore and put it into service again.  This is one time I am sure glad we keep everything!

Sincerely, Emily

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4 Responses to Rainbarrel Repair

  1. Jane says:

    Sometimes hoarding comes in very handy 😉 Or so I tell myself when I keep all this junk cause I might NEED it one day.

  2. Victoria says:

    Glad it worked out….every single group of rain is like gold these days!

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