Blooming right now: Waterlily

It has been fun watching our two water gardens throughout the winter. One of them was bathed in sunlight through the whole winter and the mosquito fish were active on warm days. That water garden had lily pads all winter giving the tadpoles and fish good places to hide.

The first waterlily bloomed last week and it was beautiful. Two more blooms quickly followed. They are so beautiful.

We are still waiting for most of the rather large tadpoles to grow legs; it seems to be taking forever and we keep saying that it should happen any day…. and it hasn’t! I had a report from my husband that ONE tadpole is now a frog… but that is it so far (I am out of town.) My neighbor brought the eggs (leopard frog eggs) down to me last fall and we split them between our two water gardens. They hatched this past fall and have been hanging out all winter.

While we are patiently waiting we will enjoy watching them grow and watching the waterlilies bloom.

Sincerely, Emily

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