DDC Memories from the South Region

Last Sunday, over at Not Dabbling in Normal, we posted a few photos of some of the memorable meals throughout the Dark Days Challenge.

Since I only had space to put a few photos, I wanted to make sure each of the active participants in the South Region got recognized. There were so many memorable meals, it was hard to pick just one!

Susan (VA) from Backyard Grocery


Jessica (SC) at Eat.Drink.Nourish.


Jackie (NC) from Southern Fried Goodness (below)

Annie (MD) from AnnieRie Unplugged (below)


Jes (VA) from Eating Appalachia (below)


Liz (VA) from Family Foodie Survival Guide (below)

Sincerely, Emily

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4 Responses to DDC Memories from the South Region

  1. Yum! You did an excellent job with the south recaps, Emily.

  2. Victoria says:

    It was a great challenge!

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