New plants

I spent some time at the neighbors thinning out the agave and potting up some baby Jerusalem Sage plants.

We had potted up some lambsquarter earlier in April that I will take to a plant swap in a few weeks. They are starting to look a little spindly, so I will snip the tops off to encourage them to bush out a bit. A few other plants made it onto the cart – crown of thorns, snow on the mountain and friendship plant.

Then I went to a wholesale nursery with another neighbor to get a few more Esperanza. I planted 3 gallon size Jubilee (orange) in the beginning of April. Now I added a few more orange and 2 apricot ones. They even had a red one. Neither of us had ever seen red Esperanza before. Must be a new color.

New Esperanza

You can read another post I did last fall about Esperanza. It is such a beautiful plant/bush.

Are you excited about any new plants this year?

Sincerely, Emily

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4 Responses to New plants

  1. Joanna says:

    It’s all looking healthy and bonny there! I’ve got all sorts of things sown but waiting to see if they come up. I’m very excited about a new vegetable called a flower sprout, a cross between brussel sprouts and kale…. and I’m growing a few oca and other exotica just to see if I can. And my Latah tomatoes (seed from Moscow, Idaho originally) are flowering already, ridiculously early for here! Will catch up more soon. love Joanna xx

    • Oh the flower sprout sounds great! I hadn’t heard of it. Hope it thrives for you. I planted a few okra in the herb and flower gardens this year. I eat off my neighbors orka plants, since he always has too much, but it has such a pretty flower and plant I thought I would grow some in with other things. Your tomatoes sound neat. Flowering already – ya, that is super early for you. We already have fruit developing. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jane says:

    I didnt know you could grow agave there. I guess making tequila will be on the list of ‘to do’s’? Fiesta at Emily’s!

    • Hi Jane. I have joked about making tequila! I am not really sure what it involves. I planted agave (and cactus) all around our yard in Palm Springs, CA. They got HUGE! Agave grow well here, just slow. Everything seems to grow slow here, but at least things grow.

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