I was excited when we planted some fruit trees a few years ago. The peach tree didn’t survive the first winter, so we replanted a new one in Jan 2011 and added a second one as well.

Peach 4-27-2012

Then there was the incident when the large group of deer got into the back yard and had a field day eating and munching on most of the fruit trees amongst other things in the back yard. That made for some very happy deer and a very unhappy me!

Last spring we had apples develop and it was exciting to watch them grow… until the squirrels found and methodically devoured them one by one. That made for happy squirrels and a very unhappy me!

Apples 5-3-2012

One of the peach trees was terrible mauled during that deer brunch and I wasn’t sure it would even come back, but it did. It isn’t the prettiest of trees, but it is growing and will make a come back – as long as the deer don’t get at it again!

The second peach tree set fruit this spring and we have been watching six small, but beautiful peaches develop and start to change color.  Yesterday I took a peak at them as I walked by and stopped dead in my tracks. The most prominent and beautiful peach was missing.  W H A T ?!  Missing! What the heck! I looked high and low. Up and Down. No sign of it at all, not even a dribble. That peach is Gone!

I quickly made my way over the apple tree. They are all accounted for (actually I haven’t counted the apples to know for sure, but not a one disturbed.)

Apples 5-3-20 (second graft – same tree)

So, we have a thief in the midst and his name is Squirrel.  The peach wasn’t quite as big as a tennis ball. All I can picture, as I try not to openly laugh, is Squirrel clutching the peach in his mouth and scampering up and over the fence to safer ground with his prize. OR maybe he didn’t even bother to run, maybe he just sat and ate it sitting right in my peach tree. The nerve!

You can bet I will be keeping my eye on the three pears that are developing.

Pears developing 5-3-2012

Sincerely, Emily

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7 Responses to Peaches

  1. Christine says:

    Wildlife is such a pain sometimes! I guess we would be disappointed if there was none around. I hope you get to enjoy some of your lovely fruit. At least the squirrel can recognise quality!

  2. Jes says:

    Your fruit trees are amazing! I’d been on a squirrel rampage though–no one steals my hard earned fruit & vegetables! So glad you’ve got them producing after all those trials; I’ve got my fingers crossed that you’ll be able to enjoy the fruit yourself!

    • Hi Jes. Thanks. I have been keeping my fingers crossed too. The majority of the trees are in their third year. Last year was the first fruit – on the apple and those dang squirrels got 99%. I finally picked a small apple and ate it (not quite ripe, but still good! and I got bragging rights with it)

  3. Jane says:

    Son of a ……. Boy that would make me mad. I love peaches. I have heard of people putting panty hose over the fruit to keep munchers off. Worth a try. Or just camp out at the tree until they are ripe 😉

    • This peach tree is only in its second year (planted Jan 2011), so I am impressed it has any fruit, much less 6 beauties (well, 5 now!) I know there will be a time I need to invest in some inclusion bags… now might be the time, so I am prepared for next year. I will go look for panty hose. Since I save EVERYTHING, there is a chance I have some stashed away somewhere… good time as any to use them, ’cause I don’t think I’ll ever wear them again.

  4. Nancy Davis says:

    Hi! I have not had good luck with my peach tree either! Not sure if my fruit trees will ever produce any fruit for me!!! Just gotta keep hoping tho! I posted a picture today of my onions and carrots growing tho! Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

    • Hi Nancy, what is happening with your peach tree? Do you have any idea? Is it the right variety with the right number of cold hours for your area? I won’t purchase fruit trees from big box stores. They don’t stock the proper trees for the area they are being sold. Same with a lot of the plants they sell too. I went to a great local family run nursery that specializes in fruit trees and bushes for our area. I am so glad I drove the extra distance to go there and spent the extra money to get a tree that is right or where I live. I am going to head over to your blog to see your photos now.

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