Mr. Toad returns (2012)

Our weather has been quite warm for a few months now and I have been patiently watching and waiting for our toad family to wake up and show signs of life.

I haven’t done a ton of research, I just figured since we had been in the 80’s and 90’s  for many many weeks that Mr. Toad and his family would have been wide awake by now, but there has been no sign of any of them at all. If you remember, I even put in the wonderful toad swimming hole and no Mr. Toad.

I had to add mosquito fish to the Toad Swimming Hole because the mosquito larvae were developing quite quickly. Then I added some anachris (egeria densa) which is submerged oxygenating pond plant for the fish to hide in and create a happy environment for the fish. I didn’t plant the grass, just broke some off from another plant in one of the other water gardens and dropped it in the Toad Swimming Hole. Still no toads.

The last rains we had were about 6 weeks ago and my husband told me that he saw a toad in our driveway, but that is far away from the toad commune. I was starting to lose hope. Hope for rain and hope for Mr. Toad.

Then…. one day last week…. I saw him! He had burrowed himself down into one of my young spider plants. He was really well camouflaged and looking rather happy and content. I carefully filled the saucer beneath the pot with water and let him enjoy some solitude (if you can call me going out to check on him several times a day solitude that is!)

Mr. Toad Returns (4-27-2012)

I think he is smiling! I know I am!

Other Mr. Toad Adventures:

Sincerely, Emily


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11 Responses to Mr. Toad returns (2012)

  1. Jane says:

    Ha! I have to laugh at the little swimming hole for the toad is becoming a big project with fish and everything. So much for the ‘build it and they will come’. Maybe he still has his winter weight (like some of us up here) and he is a little shy about putting on the swim suit.

    • Winter weight! Very funny! Well, the “build it and they will come” thing is working. I just have to remember that they don’t always “come” where you want them to “come.” There is already more to add to Mr. Toads Adventures, but it will have to wait until next week. I just couldn’t overshadow his return with another story. He deserves some attention after being gone so long!

  2. karenish says:

    What a cute little guy! We’re close enough to the creek that we sometimes get frogs. And I turned over a paver in the back near the compost and found two salamanders.

  3. Joanna says:

    Yay! Hi there Mr Toad, I was just scanning through your recent post list, sorry I have been a blog friend lately, and hoping that he had turned up and there he is 🙂 Made my day !

    • Hi Joanna! I was so so excited to see him. It really is the little things that make me happy lately. I am glad Mr. Toad put a smile on your face too. I will tell him tomorrow when I see him.

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  5. Laurie Lindsey says:

    Hello! I just ran across your blog and I must say it makes me smile. I have been working my GUTS out trying to attract toads! Last summer I had several in my front flower bed where I had put a couple toad pools and made some toad houses which they seemed to enjoy. This spring I dug a teeny tiny ‘pond’ in my backyard with lots of rocks, greenery and toad homes but so far I have only seen a toad ONE time enjoying their new location. I know my Mr. Toad lives under my shed so I know at least one of them is still around. I go out every morning with fingers crossed hoping I will see Mr Toad in the tiny pond again – but alas, I have not seen him in the pond again. I have a spotlight that I turn on at night in hopes to attract the bugs for him a nice supper. Do you think they are enjoying the pond and I’m just not out there at the right time to see them? I also have a couple cats I’m wondering if they are not scaring them off, but I know that if a cat got hold of Mr Toad he probably wouldn’t do it again because they are so nasty tasting (I’ve heard)
    Anyway, thanks for being a toad lover as myself!

    • Hi Laurie – thanks for stopping by. What fun to have toads. Well, I put in that wonderful toad pond and have yet to see a toad in it. I have seen a few small males this summer, but nothing like I had last year. And then saw the three in the larger water garden earlier this summer and not nothing for a long long time. I know I have a few leopard frogs out there, but they are covered by the lily leaves that all I hear is the “plop” when they jump in the water. I know there are a few toad out in the garden, but I just am not getting a chance to see them. I am careful at night when I walk because that is when they come out. I am sure your cats would be interested in them if they found the toads. My cats are big hunters, but I am sure they too would be interested. I know the neighbors cats get their leopard frogs a lot which is too bad, but also natures cycle. We have had such a dry dry summer in my area that I am sure the toads are hanging out as far under ground as they can to keep cool. BUT I do know they need a fresh water source for laying eggs… so keep an eye on your ponds, the only signs you might see are little tadpoles!

  6. Laurie Lindsey says:

    I will be thrilled to death if I see some tadpoles in the spring! What got me obsessing over the toads these days i couldn’t say but have definitely become more aware of our environment because of them. I would rather have a yard full of weeds if it meant having to put poison out to kill the weeds, I do not want to hurt the creatures that reside in my yard. My daughter (grown) thinks I’m a little looney when I get excited about seeing a toad in the yard but I don’t care. My 5 year old granddaughter gets excited with me when ever they visit and we get to see one!

    • Crossing my fingers you will see tadpoles in the spring. I know the more time I spend outside the more I want to make happy homes for the toads, frogs and lizards that are out there. They do such great work in the gardens and they are part of a good balance (and super fun to see and watch and listen to at night!)

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