Trying to keep up with the humingbirds

Last summer was so so very dry and without rain even the native plants where having a hard time putting out blooms. I keep two birdbaths filled with water for the other birds, but I had not put up hummingbird feeder since we moved here, in fact I gave all my feeders to my mom to use. Last summer I decided to help the hummingbirds and bought three hummingbird feeders to help them out.

We have hummingbirds here that stay all year round and this past winter was very mild and we had hummingbirds around every day. They are so fun to watch. They are so fun to hear whiz by me when I am out working in the yard. It is also fun to listen to them chirp and chatter.

There is a reservoir on top that I attempt to keep filled with water to try to keep the ants out. It evaporates so quickly.

The hummingbirds are so much fun to have around.

Sincerely, Emily

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4 Responses to Trying to keep up with the humingbirds

  1. Dani says:

    Emily – Our birds love our sugared water so much that we battle to keep it filled. 750ml lasts only 4 days 🙂

    But we haven’t had the ants going for it. Perhaps you could sprinkle some borax and sugar around the base of the tree – that should sort them out?

    • I may have to try that. It seems I have heard of that before, but would not have remembered it. thanks. The water reservoir is great, I just have to fill it everyday and soon 2x a day. It is really not a big deal since I am out there doing something everyday, just need to get into the habit.

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    Hi Emily, I love to watch the hummingbirds but gave up on the hummingbird feeder. I put one out but was not patient and decided I didn’t want to have to make up that sugar water all the time! Lazy! Plus sugar gets expensive. I do enjoy our regular bird feeder we put up tho and hoping the hummingbirds will visit our flowers sometimes! Nancy

    • I hope you do get see see hummers at your flowers this summer. The first two years we lived here they had plenty of flowers to feed on, but once the drought hit, not much was blooming and like other birds and wildlife they were struggling with lack of water and food. A few neighbors feed the birds and many have birdbaths, but I really wanted to help the hummers.

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