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Quick stop at the Pearl Farmer’s Market

On Saturday morning I went to a Bee seminar at the Medina River Natural Area and then I high-tailed it to the Pearl Farmer’s Market to pick up some mushrooms from Kitchen Pride Mushrooms. Saturday the Pearl Farmer’s market was … Continue reading

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Emily’s Ginger Mojito

After I harvested a ton of mint last July I spent a few days visiting a friend in Austin, Texas. She wanted to make some mojitos, so I took a bag of freshly picked mint with me. I had never … Continue reading

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There is never enough time…

I really prefer to be ahead of the posting game on this blog where I have at least a few posts written and ready to go. But the past few weeks I seem to be running behind and always chasing … Continue reading

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Mr. Toad returns (2012)

Our weather has been quite warm for a few months now and I have been patiently watching and waiting for our toad family to wake up and show signs of life. I haven’t done a ton of research, I just … Continue reading

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Chipped Beef or SOS

Gram would make chipped beef for our lunch when we were younger. It was always a favorite of mine. Chipped Beef is also called: Creamed Beef on Toast Shit on a Shingle (SOS) Stew on a Shingle Same Old Stuff … Continue reading

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Sunday Photos: Black

Black is the theme for our Sunday Photos over at Not Dabbling in Normal.  Stop by to see more. They will posted a little later today. Sincerely, Emily

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I was excited when we planted some fruit trees a few years ago. The peach tree didn’t survive the first winter, so we replanted a new one in Jan 2011 and added a second one as well. Then there was … Continue reading

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Finally finished my winter puzzle

last winter was a much more productive puzzle season than this past winter. I started this puzzle on my card table (21″ x 48″) and I don’t know what I was thinking – there was no way it was going … Continue reading

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