SSFC: Leek and Onion over potatoes – #1

This is the first post for the Southern SOLE Food Challenge. June? Already? Here we go.

I grew potatoes for the first time this year (thanks go to my neighbor for that – I got his left-over starts that he didn’t have room for!) While I helped him harvest his potatoes a few weeks ago, I just harvested half of my plants last week. While I am thrilled I had something to harvest, they were small compared to what came out of his garden.

My potato harvest 31 May

Harvesting potatoes at the neighbors May 11th

I also had some leeks that needed to get pulled. The onions also came from my garden and I harvested half of them late last week and will harvest the other half over the next week as I have room on the new drying rack.

This first SSFC meal was easy for me to pull together and fits right at the top of my list for comfort food. Back in May I did a post on SOS or Chipped Beef and talked a bit about what I was doing to change the recipe to make it healthier and to be able to use more local ingredients. Here is one of my versions.

Leek & Onion over Potatoes

For the recipe, head over to my SOS or Chipped Beef post.

If you click on the SSFC badge at the very top of this post, it will take you directly to the blogs of participants so you can see what they are cooking up for this challenge.

Sincerely, Emily

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19 Responses to SSFC: Leek and Onion over potatoes – #1

  1. Suze says:

    Oh YUM!!! This looks amazing!

  2. food4five says:

    Yum! I do love anything with leeks and potatoes.

  3. Jane says:

    It looks great. Oh how lucky you southerners are to be harvesting now. I am having trouble getting things to germinate. And I am hungry!

    • Jane – the leeks have been in the ground since last fall and I still remember the HUGE ones you are pulling. I am glad I had some potatoes to harvest. I hope when I dig up the other half of the row they will be a bit bigger. I hope you veggies start to thrive soon. I am always amazed at the different areas when and what people are harvesting and how different it can be

  4. Angela says:

    Looks delicious Emily!! So jealous you have potatoes. We tried growing them for the first time this year and they did not do well. Great way to start the SSFC!

    • Angela says:

      p.s. I love how clicking the badge takes readers to a list of all the participant blogs. Is that what you guys were talking about in the emails? I didn’t quite get it then, but I’m going to make the same link right now.

      • HI Angela, Don’t be too jealous of my potatoes, they are very very small but I am so glad I had small ones to dig up. I will plant them again next Feb or March and try again.

      • P.S. I wasn’t sure how to do the badge and link thing, but I figured it out with some help. It is so neat to be able to click on the badge and go to the participants. (Thanks again Jes!)

  5. yum. that looks delicious. chipped beef was my _favorite_ breakfast as a child and I haven’t had it in years. 🙂

    • So neat to hear another person that liked chipped beef. It was a lunch favorite for me. And I have made it for many many dinners in my life. I want to make it for my brother when I see him next time. I don’t think he has had it since Gram made it.

  6. Nancy Davis says:

    I cook so simple that I think you are a gourmet cook! Do you have any kinda simple recipes to use Pak Choi besides just my salads. I probably should cut some more of mine! Nancy

    • Hi Nancy. Wow, me? A gourmet cook! I never thought I would hear the day when someone thought I was a gourmet cook. Thanks.

      I have never grown pak choi (or bok choy I think it is also called), but it is easy to cook with. You can treat like you would chard or spinach and saute, steam, stir-fry or eat it raw like you have been doing in your salads. Most of the time the stems will cook at a much slower rate, so you can cut those out and chop them up and start cooking those first and add the leaves later. Hope that helps.

      • Nancy Davis says:

        Thanks Emily, Being older my Mom never sauteed or stir fried so I am trying to learn about all this! Thanks for your help! Nancy

      • Hi Nancy, I like sauteing and stir-flying things as a way to keep things fresh and high in nutrients. By lightly sauteing or lightly stir-flying to where it still has some crunch to it helps keep so much of the good stuff still there (vitamins & minerals.) I have a friend that cooks the snot out of everything by over boiling things like green beans and it kills me because there really isn’t anything left there but mush and there is no nutritional value in “mush.” Have fun with it. Start wiht some healthy oil and saute things that take longer to cook, like carrots and as they start to soften up start adding other things like your pak choi stems, onion, celery, green pepper. At the very end you can add in the leaf portion of your pak choi and green onion tops (tender things that don’t take a long time to cook.) As I continue to saute I always add a bit of water at a time to help with the sauteing process. You might need to add a bit more oil, try both and see what works best for you.

  7. Jes says:

    Awesome potato haul! I never got to harvest mine last year (long, long story) and I didn’t plant any this year, but next year I’m definitely going to have to try my hand at it again. In the meantime, I need to scrounge up some leeks and make that gorgeous potato topping. Looks delicious!

    • Thanks Jes. I make another version of the SOS with mushrooms and eat it on toast. I like it all on toast a lot, but need to eat up the fresh potatoes (they are so good and fresh) Even though these potatoes grew very very small, I will try them again next spring. I did get them in the ground late, so I will work at getting them in when I should – Feb!

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