Oh, Deer 2012: Little packages tucked in small places

It is fawning season here in our neighborhood. We have a mama deer birth her baby right on the edge of our sidewalk, right out the front door the last three years we have lived here. This year she found a better spot. I just didn’t get the memo and didn’t know it until I was watering the oleander about 5′ away.

The little one is tucked in there and is camouflaged very well.

The fawn is up against the North side of the house on the West corner. The sun will creep around there later in the day, so it was a nice safe place and out of the sun until about 3:30-4pm.

I was watering on the East side of the house. It was about 4pm and just left after having an early dinner. They had commented that they hadn’t seen any babies born yet in the herd that runs along our street (it was around May 1st last year.) I took them out on the front porch and showed them this little baby tucked in up against the house. As I was watering, I saw 4 babies in the open lot between our two houses. One mama had twins and another mama had a single. The forth little baby was going from deer to deer trying to suckle. It was turned away each time. I had a feeling that it was the baby from our front yard so I went through the house and checked – Yup. It was gone. The sun had crept onto the spot it had been and I think it just wandered along through the front yard as the adults started coming through to head up to the neighbors for their evening snack. I’m sure at some point that evening, baby and mama were reunited.

Those little fawns are sure fun to watch. They are still small and wobbly on spindly legs, but they are starting to run. In the next few weeks we are going to be able to sit out back and watch them run what we call “the baby race track” in the open lot next door. The babies all run a  circuit after circuit in an oval. Some cut the corners if they get behind. Others race with all the speed and sleekness they can muster and others leap along.  It is quite comical and graceful all at the same time.

Sincerely, Emily

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6 Responses to Oh, Deer 2012: Little packages tucked in small places

  1. Jane says:

    OMG! I mean…. OMG!! As absolutely cute as this is, why are they doing that. Is there no wooded area for them to have the babies? I have never seen such a thing. Having the babies right out in the open. Doesnt anyone have dogs in the neighborhood, I would think the Mom’s would be nervous of the dogs killing the babies. That is just crazy. I am so glad your neighborhood enjoys this because up here they would kill them all. If fact you can get a special hunting license to kill deer in neighborhoods. But PA residents kill everything. They are crazy up here.

    So cute but so strange.

    • where to start… Yes, I have a nice stand of ceder/juniper less than 60 feet from this spot right in the front yard and there is a whole 2 acre open field/lot to the east with nice tall grasses and wildflowers in it right now and many trees. Almost every neighbor around me has dogs, but they are all fenced in – that doesn’t mean we don’t have an escapee dog from time to time, but most are well contained in fenced in yards. There is no hunting allowed in our neighborhood and that is too bad, because I think that would help our over populated deer. Four houses on my street alone (that I know of) feed the deer daily (each house daily.) It seems you can hunt everything in Texas, just not in my neighborhood. We have a few very healthy bucks with nice racks and each fall we lose a few to poaching – all they take in the head for their trophy. Such a waste. If they aren’t going to let us hunt them, it would be great if there was a birth control we could put in their food. I’m all for putting healthy, natural roaming venison in my freezer, but I really don’t want one of these that has been fed nothing but GMO corn its entire life. It would be great to the local food shelf though! It would help the over populated areas of deer and put food on someones table. You are right- it is CRAZY, but dang, those little ones are so cute.

      • Jane says:

        Well you answered my question. The neighbors are feeding them. That is a shame. Nothing good comes from humans interfering with wild life. And your right about the GMO corn. I watch our local deer chomp on that crap and think how if I ate meat, I sure would not want a GMO stuffed deer either.

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    I loved reading about your fawns and looking at the pictures. On my parents farm they use to see a lot of adult deer in their front field. Nancy

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