Half a peck of peppers to pickle

With the peppers doing so well, I figured I needed to get a few canned so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with doing that later this fall. As it gets hotter the peppers will taper off their production. In the fall as it starts to cool down a bit, they will start to produce again.

Last year I had so many jalapenos, but was overwhelmed by things to do in the fall that I never got around to canning any of them. They all ended up in the freezer. To conserve on freezer space, I am dusting off the water bath canner and starting the canning process early.

I have never canned peppers, so I picked a simple recipe that Brenda posted over at Sense of Home. Head over there to see the recipe that she uses from a cookbook called Putting Food By.

I used Anaheim, Jalapeno and sweet banana peppers, each in separate jars. At the last minute I sliced up some green peppers to see how they would turn out too.

I will wait a few weeks to let them sit and “pickle” a while be fore I open a jar and test them. I feel really good about having a few jars done and in the cupboard. We are not lacking in peppers right now, so we are eating many of the fresh, any they are sitting on the counter for more than a few days will end up getting pickled.

Note: I needed to pack the peppers into the jar more tightly. As I did a second batch I started packing them tighter with good results.

Do you can peppers? Are you adding any spices to them as you can them?

Sincerely, Emily

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11 Responses to Half a peck of peppers to pickle

  1. Dani says:

    They look good Emily. I’ve added mustard seed and coriander seed to peppers I have pickled.

  2. I just froze my peppers last year, but I may try pickling them this year.My anaheim plants are looking pretty good (the jalepeno, not so much).

  3. Jane says:

    Yes I do pickle some, I pressure can the roasted red peppers, but they are one veg that is soooo easy to freeze I drop most in there. That is the reason I cant seem to give up the freezer yet. Things like peppers and corn are just so much better frozen than canned to me. But it is nice to have jars on the shelf that you dont have to worry about if something should happen to the power source.

    • HI Jane, I know what you mean about freezing them. They are good. I am having such a tough time in the garden part of my wants to see something on the shelf, the other part putting all my eggs in one basket with so many things in the freezer.

  4. Maria says:

    The jars look so pretty! I can only imagine all that you will have in jars at the end of the season! What a bountiful year!

    • Hi Maria – peppers are the bounty this year. I miss the lettuces of winter already. But I am finding lovely things at the farmers market and grateful I have that source! You are right – the jars look pretty. There is just a good feeling about looking at a jar of home canned food.

  5. Nancy Davis says:

    Hi Emily, While your canned peppers look so nice we do not use peppers except for the sweet green ones. I try to freeze some of them. Part of me loves to see the canned goods on the shelf and so ready to eat but the other part of me must be lazy and says that is so much work! I did can some pickled beets this week. Nancy

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