England 2012 – London

We spend 2 1/2 days in London when we arrived in England.  We were really looking forward to some cooler temps and even the experience of rain (something we haven’t seen in South Texas for quite a while!)

London – Darlington Hype Park hotel
Located between Paddington Station and Hyde Park

Our room wasn’t ready when we arrived, so I had the bright idea of walking through Hyde Park. I had all sorts of energy, but my husband wasn’t as energetic. We started to walk towards Hyde Park to see what we could see. About half way through the park as we headed to Kensington Palace, my energy started to fade. We made it to Kensington Palace and explored the gardens there, then made our way back towards the hotel.

London – Kensington Palace and Gardens

We stopped by a pub on our way and split an order of fish and chips. We experienced our first rain shower (sheltered by the pub luckily) and then made our way back to the room for a short nap.

The next day we were up and ready to go. we hopped on a double-decker bus and watched all the beautiful buildings go by. My husband had a really good way of describing London. He said, “you know how you might have one old, historic neighborhood in your town? Well, London is just one really big historic neighborhood. Every inch is really old and really cool!” I will say that applied to pretty much every where we went in England.

London – Westminster Abbey

We got off the bus near Big Ben, Parliament and Westminster Abbey and just walked around. We walked across the Westminster Bridge just trying to take it all in. We got on a boat and had a river tour up to the Tower Bridge where we decided to get off.

London – London Tower

London Tower

We ate our packed lunch on some steps overlooking the protective walls of London Tower. After lunch we went inside. We could have spent all day there, it was incredible!

London Tower

London Tower

London was great. Next stop… Duxford, England at the Imperial War Museum and the Flying Legends Air Show

Sincerely, Emily

P.S. I completely forgot a full day in London – we visited the Royal Botanical Gardens (Kew Gardens) and the Victoria and Albert Museum….

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6 Responses to England 2012 – London

  1. Jane says:

    It is amazing to hear when a family has owned a family home for 1000 years. We just can not imagine that in this country. Looks like a great vacation. Why did you not bring some rain and cooler temperatures back as souvenirs for us?

    • No we can’t. To look at these castles that are standing from centuries ago. 1500’s, 1600’s 1700’s, etc. It was amazing to stand in the castles and look at the marble floor I was standing on and think about its history. Or the wide wooden planks in Shakespeare’s birthplace and thing the same. Incredible doesn’t even begin to sum it up.

  2. I would imagine you are sick of the rain right about now! My brother and niece just left to go back to the States last week. They loved London. I had wanted my brother to see Duxford but there was simply not enough time. Have a great time!

    • We actually didn’t get too much rain in the places we were. We only had one small shower during the air show on Sat and then in the Cotsworld area it would drizzle and shower on and off, but we were pretty fortunate (and prepared with hat, raincoat and umbrella in hand!) The locals were calling it “miserable” and I can imagine after several months of all that rain that it is, but it didn’t stop us. The day we drove from the Chipping Campden area back down to London it did POUR all day. Some new friends we made near Chipping Campden have just moved their cows inside because it is just so wet. I think the sheep are next. And you are right – there just wasn’t enough time to see everything!

      Do you have a blog? your link just came up to a gravatar?

  3. Victoria says:

    Sounds like an amazing trip! The UK is on our travel list….someday 🙂

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