SSFC: Lunch at Liberty Bistro – #7

I belong to a local garden club and had made arrangements for a local Master Naturalist to talk to our group about the Master Naturalist program. We met at our county AgLIFE Extension office and had a great presentation.

County AgLIFE Extension office

At many of our meetings we have a presentation, business meeting and a light lunch. Throughout the year we have a sign-up sheet and 2-3 “hostesses” bring the light lunch and refreshments to each meeting. When we go on a field trip we will find a restaurant in that area and eat there.

I do not eat out a lot, pretty rarely actually. Only in the past year have I really started to pay attention and learn about local restaurants that are using and preparing locally grown produce and meat. So when I was looking for a restaurant in New Braunfels that might fit that bill, I found Liberty Bistro.

Courthouse Club

It put a smile on my face to read the “About Us” section on their website: “Liberty Bistro serves Contemporary American Cuisine. Ours is a seasonally changing menu focusing on wild seafood, local meats and produce from small farms. Everything is made in-house including all of our bread, pastas, and desserts. We emphasize quality over quantity.

Fish Tacos

Liberty Bistro was able to accommodate our group (13 on that day) and had a nice room off to the side set up for us.


Everyone was very pleased with their meals and I was pleased to know on some levels we were helping to support locally produced foods.

I was able to meet owner, Barbara Benson, and she told me that the heirloom tomatoes that they were using that day came from Markley Family Farm in New Braunfels.

Be sure to click on the SSFC badge at the top of this post to see what the other participants are preparing this week for our summer-long challenge.

Sincerely, Emily

P.S. Hmmmm. This week was supposed to be a post about local fruit (which I realized about an hour ago.) I am completely a week behind the power curve and I thought it was next week. Hopefully I will get a fruity post in sometime in this challenge.

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6 Responses to SSFC: Lunch at Liberty Bistro – #7

  1. Angela says:

    It’s so nice to have local-food options when you go out to eat. There are several restaurants like that in the DC area, which is nice. We used to go to a restaurant that changed its menu every month to have only seasonal ingredients. If you wanted a salad in December, you’d only get sun-dried tomatoes–no fresh ones until late summer! Sadly, it closed about a year ago, and we were so disappointed because it was good and close to our home. I think the owners wanted time off. What’s more depressing–it was replaced by some chain pizza restaurant.

    • I have found a couple of restaurants in and around San Antonio. Most are further away than I care to drive, but it is fun to go to them one-by-one and check them out. Too bad the one close to you went away. I’m glad you have a few other options though – like me though, they don’t sound as convenient.

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    Sounds like you had a fun time. I need to think more about this kind of stuff! Nancy

  3. Jes says:

    The food at Liberty Bistro looks great (especially the fish tacos–yum)!

    I’m with you–totally forgot about the fruit challenge. Next week for me 🙂

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