England 2012 – Duxford and The Flying Legends air show

Duxford – Flying Legends Air Show

Our next stop in England was Duxford and the Flying Legends air show at the Imperial War Museum.

Duxford – Spitfires as far as the eye can see. (well, actually, there were only 9, but that is impressive!)

We arrived in Duxford a few days before the air show. We wanted to have time to tour all the Imperial Air Museum buildings and also visit with friends.

Duxford – Hanging out with CA friends

There are several planes in the Flying Legend collection that my husband has worked on over the years. In fact, it wasn’t until Saturday as we were walking the flight line that he saw a spitfire that he did a lot of restoration work on back in the 80’s.

Spitfire that my husband did a lot of restoration work on in the 80’s in CA

The air show on Saturday and Sunday was nice. Saturday threatened rain and only one rain shower popped up in the morning, other than being windy, they were both good days.

Duxford – the flight schedule

It was a great air show and fun seeing some of the friends from California and meeting new people from England too.

Duxford – The Balbo – last flight of the day

Next stop Ebrington, near Chipping Campden and Home Farm and more castles and gardens.

Sincerely, Emily

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