Sunday Photo: flower at Sudeley Castle

As we traveled around England I took many photos of gardens, but I was having huge problems with my camera and was unable to use the telephoto option to get shots of things further away. Oh well… I survived and I shouldn’t be looking through my camera only. Photos are great to have to look back on, but remember just take time to look around you and enjoy.

Sudeley Castle

If you know what this flower is, please let me (and everyone reading) know. I think it is beautiful.

Sincerely, Emily

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10 Responses to Sunday Photo: flower at Sudeley Castle

  1. It sure looks like an Aster of some kind, but I dunno …..

  2. Maybe this would help you find out? I looked under the drop down “Gardens” at the top:

    • Thanks Michelle. I have been around that site and looked at the lists under each of their gardens. I recognize the plants they have listed though. I was hoping I would hit upon the answer there but I didn’t. I like how they have that information on the website.

  3. Victoria says:

    I wonder if it’s a distant relative of black eyed susan’s…stunning pictures!

  4. Angela says:

    Beautiful flower, I’m curious to know what it is too. At first glance it looks like some of my sunflowers from last summer that grew kind of spindly and scraggly, but of course not in bushes. I’m really enjoying your England trip pictures, especially now that the Olympics are on in London. 🙂

    • Hi Angela – I think it is a type of aster, or at least that is what first comes to mind, but I can’t find a name on the computer. I keep meaning to email the photo to a friend in England and ask if she know… I will get around to it SOOON!

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