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A New-to-me Day bed

A few weeks ago I mentioned a project that I was working on…. a day bed. I think it is neat how things can just come together sometimes, even when you aren’t thinking about it. I have toyed with the … Continue reading

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Bug repellent: It’s about time!

With all the talk about West Nile Virus in the US I figured I better hunker down and make the bug spray I have been wanting to make. I have had all the ingredients to make it up, but the … Continue reading

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SSFC: Mushroom, Zucchini and Eggplant

Still enjoying the mushrooms I picked up last week. They are so good. This meal was made up of what needed to be eaten. Digging through the refrigerator. Looking around the counter.  Deciding what needs to be eaten now and … Continue reading

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Sunday Photos: Sea of squash

This is my step-dad’s garden in Minnesota. I can only dream of the squash treasures he will find under all those leaves! Sincerely, Emily

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Movitated to sew: patching things

I have to laugh, because I have a great old sewing machine (affectionately called “The Dinosaur.”) Oh, it has had quite a work out over its lifetime, but one reason I am especially happy to have it is for patching … Continue reading

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Interesting yard sale item

You never know what you will find at a yard sale. I have a slight twinge of regret for not buying this work of art. Such a creative use of old refrigerator crisper trays. I have no doubt that I … Continue reading

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What is it with our cats and electrical cords?

Cinder likes to hang out behind the bed and up against the wall. It is a safe place and out of the way of foot traffic. For some reason she likes to lay directly on top of the power strip. … Continue reading

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SSFC: Portabella Mushrooms w/wild rice & pork

I used to number my SSFC meals, but it seems I have lost track as the weeks go by. This past week I went out to Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farm and had a tour of their facility with a local … Continue reading

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Sunday Photos: Moss covered rocks

Sincerely, Emily

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Chiggers! UGH! (rose-scented geranium to the rescure!)

Last February I posted about the body powder that I have been making for a couple of years. This spring I tried something new. Chiggers can be a problem around here and I have had more than enough chigger bites … Continue reading

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