England: Snowhill Manor

If you are interested in seeing an amazing collection of unique items then Snowhill Manor and Garden is the place to go. Then entire house is filled, I mean FILLED with interesting things all handcrafted and unique.

This was the home of Charles Paget Wade. When I say “home” I mean that he owned the house, but he didn’t actually live in it. The entire inside of the home was for his vast collections, while he and his wife lived in another quite small building on the property.

I must say that it was interesting (and amazing really!) to see the inside and all his collections from tiny toys to full-size bicycles to clocks to salesman samples of wagons (the place was FULL), but I had a lot more fun walking around outside the house and property. The gardens were beautiful.

All sorts of interesting nocks and crannies.

Little fountains and little ponds.

Fun walkways.

Neat walls and gates.

It was worth a visit.

Sincerely, Emily


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