Motivated to sew: It’s About Time!

My brothers youngest daughter and my mom are coming to visit in a few weeks. So, I need to make room for another bed on the main floor. I picked up a daybed from a friend (thank you Maria) and I have been prepping and painting it and now, it is almost ready to set up.

We have a perfectly good futon upstairs in my art room. It is fine for sleeping (and it gets used a lot) but it is NOT comfortable to sit on, and it is too dang hot up in that room this time of year for my mom or my niece.

I have been toying with the idea of getting a daybed and all of a sudden, one was presented to me. My friend didn’t know I had been thinking about getting a daybed, but there it was.

In the mean time I need to made space in my purple sewing room for the bed. Before I go packing everything up and figured I better get to some of the patching and sewing projects that I have been letting pile up. I patched a sheet and 5 pairs of my husbands shorts. Yes, you read the correctly – 5 pairs of shorts.

I also worked to a shirt “project” that I have had for a few years now (like I said, these projects have been piling up!) This shirt was long-sleeved shirt that I found at a thrift store and I wanted to make it sleeveless.

Now sleeveless

Mission accomplished. Now I am motivated to nip and tuck a few other thrift store shirts I have purchased, but that will have to wait. I need to put the sewing machines away and get the once-loved and new-to-me daybed set up.

Do you have projects or things that you let pile up until you are motivated to work on them?

Sincerely, Emily


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7 Responses to Motivated to sew: It’s About Time!

  1. Kay Floyd says:

    Please contact me with your email address for some important information and free gift relating to National Mushroom Month! TX

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    Hi! I hate to have things pile up but have to admit I have unfinished quilting projects! I would like to be able to make something sleeveless but wondered how you do the binding on the armholes after you take the sleeves out? Also have you ever grated carrots and frozen for carrot cake? Lucky you on the daybed! Nancy

  3. says:

    I finished my daughters quilt! Wahoo!

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